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Do you prefer to photograph your food or eat it? Are you the girl who chases restaurant reservations just to say you've been there? Do you pretend to know what harissa tastes like? If you answered yes to any of these, then this is the food blog for you. 

Betches Food and Wine is the new Zagat, except you can find the answers to things you really want to know before going to a restaurant, like should you wear flats or heels? What is the gluten situation? Where should I have my birthday brunch? Is the bread basket worth the carbs? 

Every week we'll be reviewing different food establishments and letting you know if the instagram lighting is good enough or you might have a celeb spotting to make it worth your while. To start off the section we've decided to go with some classic NYC spots as well as some trendy restos of the moment. But since everyone is a foodie these days, we want to hear your suggestions for where we should eat and what you want us to write about.

If you want to get in on the fun and want a chance to be featured on @Betches, hashtag your chicest food #EatingForTheInsta. Not only will it make us more likely to actually look at your instagram, but you can now be a part of the movement to make foodies funny. If there was ever an industry that was in dire need of some snark, it's the restaurant business. Remember betches, if you're going to be eating anything, it might as well get you insta famous. Like the saying goes, nothing tastes as good as 100 likes on your picture of deviled eggs. 

[You’re not going to find wine recommendations here, at least not right now, but we do comment on cocktails. Betches Food & Vodka Sodas just doesn’t have that good ring to it you know?]

The Rating System

We're rating every restaurant from 1-10, very original we know. Four of these points will be for the food, 3 will be awarded for service, and 3 for the general betchiness/trendiness level/chicness of the crowd. In other words, everything that truly matters to a betch.

The First Batch of Restaurants

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Neta: Come Hungry, Leave Hungry


Carbone: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant


Gato: No, Bobby Flay Does Not Cook Cats Here


Bar Bolonat: I'm On An All Cauliflower Diet


Locanda Verde: Good Luck Getting A Reservation


Toro: The Door Plays Hard To Get But The Corn Does Not


Rubirosa: It's My Party And I'll Carb If I Want To

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The Smith: Where Nobody Knows Your Name But You Come Back Anyway


The East Pole: The British Are Coming (Slowly)


Jack's Wife Freda Is A Betch Who Brunches


Empellon Cocina: Tastes Like Spring Break

Photo courtesy of CBS New York



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