Interview with Girls Cast Teaches Us That Getting Your Ass Motor-boated Is Very Complicated

In preparation for the fourth season of Girls, the cast did an interview with EW that actually got us excited to watch. Now that we’ve gotten over our fear of going to Brooklyn we wouldn’t mind hanging out with Jemima and Zosia for wine night if we had to. And sure, Alison and Lena can come too, I guess. But Jemima for sure steals this interview with her DGAF attitude.

First of all, her daughter is named Rafa, which we’re pretty sure is a boy’s name and/or from The Lion King, which is the ultimate FU to the world. Whatever, she’s going to be chic AF because of who she is. 

Second of all, she said “I’d let you have sex with my husband” to Lena because “my husband loves a fat vagina.” Clearly, she’s an expert in talking shit and not giving AF.  Also, extremely charitable of her to offer, and betches love doing charity work.

Another gem from this interview is Allison Williams discussing the sex scene where she gets her salad tossed.  She talks about the filming of it, “It was so elaborate—it involved Spanx that we cut away and glued down and involved menstrual pads and two of those weird thongs. I’ve had to do scenes like this twice now.”  Sounds complicated. More reason we think we’re right to be wary of this whole year of the butt business. If butts are your thing, hey, good for you, but we’re still not convinced that “wet” is a sexy way to discuss your exit zone.

On a serious note, Lena Dunham says this quote that like, makes a lot of sense and kind of resonates with us or whatever:

“Something I thought about a lot was how when you’re in your 20s, there’s a feeling of “When I decide to be an adult, this will all work out.” People start making good choices: They get a job, they figure out how to graduate, they get sober. But just making the good choice isn’t enough to save you. I remember I was living with my parents when I realized that even if I wash the dishes and don’t steal alcohol from my mother and don’t ignore my friends when they call me for a week and a half, life is still really hard.”

Oh, one last thing we forgot. Lena Dunham mentions that there’s a possibility Taylor Swift might appear in a future episode, given that they’re bffs now or something. She’ll probably play a crazy ex-girlfriend, aka she’ll play herself. So, we’re looking forward to that.




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