A Betchy Interview With Hermitude

Betches love foreign bros and EDM music, so when we got the chance to chill with two foreign bros who are also DJ’s, it was a no-brainer. And no, we don’t mean like one that frat guy you know who presses play on his iPod at parties, we mean like bros who actually make their own shit. We spent our Memorial Day weekend at Counterpoint, catching up with Hermitude, an Australian duo made up of DJ’s Luke Dub and El Gusto (idk why they chose those names, and no, El Gusto is not even vaguely Hispanic that we gathered). Because this is site is devoted to serious journalism, we asked Hermitude all the important, hard-hitting questions, like what drinking game we could beat them at and how they feel about the man bun. For answers to those questions and more, check out the interview below. We still don’t know what Hermitude means, though.

Betches: We were at your set and we really loved your Missy Elliott remix. Did you watch her on the Superbowl halftime show?

Luke: No we didn’t actually, I should go back and watch that. We’re like massive Missy fans from way back. She’s just classic. That was just game changing shit. Her music and Timbaland are just like, incredible. It’s funny bringing that song back into the set because we’re not sure how many people know it because we’re playing so many festivals where the crowd is like 18-25 and that might have gone over a few people’s heads.

Sidenote: Do 18-year-olds really not know who Missy is? That should be the new festival age requirement: if you can’t rap at least one Missy Elliott song, you’re too young.

B: So you guys have been friends since you were like preteens? Or like, really young?

G: Yeah, we met in a school band kind of thing. Luke’s a couple years older than me. But we were in the school band and we just started doing our own band outside of that when we were teenagers and stuff and towards the end of that was when we started making beats and it was like…Yeah, we made a couple beats and it started to sound really good and we sent it to a label and it just kind of clicked. And then we were like “All right, we’re doing this then?” It was just kind of a happening.

L:  It wasn’t necessarily planned out.

Betches: How have you managed to stay friends for so long?

L: Ha, that’s the million dollar question.

B: Cause I feel like you’re always touring together, you’re making music together…

L: There was a time when we were fucking living together as well. It was like, we had to look at each other’s faces every fucking day.

G: Which is pretty much what happens on tour. But like it just got to a family level at some point, where we just do this thing cause we love doing it. We’re just hanging out, making music, and we’re just really good friends. And in the end as long as we stay true to that, that’s how we survive.

Even more real-world evidence that branching out is just bad for your health.

B: What’s your fave drinking game?

L: We don’t play games anymore, we just drink. A bit of beer pong, I’m actually a fooseball player as well. I used to live in this house where we had a fooseball table so we’d sit around and drink whiskey and play fooseball all night. It wasn’t really a game.

G: Well it is a game.

L: That’s the game, and there’s the drinking. We almost got into a drinking game before with the girls behind the bar because we were bored, what was it called?

G: Uh…Never…now…?

B: Never have I ever?

H: Yep.

B: So if we were gonna have a hypothetical round of never have I ever, what would you guys say?

G: I’ve never played never have I ever, what do I say?

B: OK so we would just go around and be like, “Never have I ever…” and then you’d name something you’ve never done. And then if you guys have done that, you’d drink.

Luke: We’ve played that, but it’s different. We played this fucking festival that was run by hippies in Tazmania, it’s like the bottom of Australia, it’s like this little island off the mainland, and this festival was super raw. There were probably like 200 people max in the whole festival. That weekend we were smoking opium, there was all sorts of crazy shit going on. And it was basically bikers were there, all the bikies selling hash cakes and also roadkill burgers. That’s like when people run over kangaroos, they scrape off the carcass, cut it up, bbq it and sell it in burgers at this festival. And there was one toilet, over a hole, and all it had was a fucking curtain that the wind was blowing so you’d be fucking taking a shit and the curtain would blow up, and everyone was walking past you while you’re sitting there taking a crap. We stayed in teepees, which had like a hole between the ground and it was like 5 degrees which is…40-something Fahrenheit…really fucking cold basically, almost snowing temperature…It was a really memorable festival.

Actual footage from said festival:

…ANYWAY we played this game there. Long story, but it was called something else though. But it was the same premise: you say something and if you have done it, you drink.

..So what was your question?

B: What’s something you’ve never done?

L: That we would say in this game? Ummm, never have I ever skydived. What have you never done, Gusto?

G: What have I never done? Fuck, I don’t know, I’ve done a lot of things.

B: So in America we love guys with accents. Have you found that you’ve gotten a ton of attention because you have Australian accents?

G: Over here we played this gig at SXSW and this girl came up like “Oh, I just really like your accents so much, can you say..what did she say?

L: I wanna fuck you.

G: Right, she was like, “Can you say…I wanna fuck you…in your accent?” And we were like, uhhhh that’s kinda personal. It was just weird. So we did it.

L: I think she quivered, didn’t she?

B: Wow. I was gonna ask what your craziest groupie story was, but if that’s it?

Luke: I think I’ve met much crazier girls outside of my gigs.

B: In the U.S. it’s a trend for guys with long hair to wear it in a bun and we call it the man bun, have you heard of the Man Bun?

G: We do. There’s a pretty big hipster movement in Australia.

B: What are your thoughts on it?

L: Well I don’t have any hair but if I had hair, I’d be like, fuck yeah I’d totally rock a man bun. But yeah, I guess there’s a certain look where you have a man bun, and an incredibly groomed beard and a checkered shirt with leather shoes with a pointed tip on the end.

G: Hipsters. What are you gonna do?

L: They make really good coffee though, and great restaurants, usually.

I’m going to start selling T-shirts with “Hipsters: What are you gonna do?” emblazoned across the chest. You can get yours starting next week at shopbetches.com (but not really tho).

Liked the interview? Then catch Hermitude’s set at Lollapalooza if you happen to be going. Just like, don’t ask them to say “I wanna fuck you” in their accents. At least come up with something original. But if you find out wtf Hermitude means, please let me know.


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