A Betchy Interview With The Chainsmokers

When you think of The Chainsmokers, one word comes to mind: #Selfie. So when we interviewed Alex from The Chainsmokers last week, we didn’t ask him about #Selfie. Nor did we take a selfie with him. Why? Because it was a phone interview. But also we’re not basic. But we did ask them other, way less predictable Nice Girl stuff like how to get your eyebrows on fleek and how they beat Shaq (sorta).

Betches: Are you excited for the weekend?
Chainsmokers: Every day for me is the weekend it feels like in my life at this moment, so I’ve just lost track of time. Generally I am always pretty excited about things.

B: Where are you guys at?
CS: Right now, we’re in San diego, but we’re leaving from the airport in an hour to go to Vegas.

B: What’s it like spending so much time with each other?
CS: It’s funny, we really do spend shitton of time together—not like you’re a 7 year old with your best friend, know what I mean? We’re literally together all the fucking time and we’re expected to play a show together and be in sync and whatever. It’s funny when you spend enough time with someone you basically become the same person. But we’re pretty cool, we’re like brothers in that sense. We know when to shut up, when to talk, like we can travel 14 hours and not say a word to each other and have it not be weird. It’d just be like, yo, this sucks right now let’s just not talk.

B: Does one of you have a pet peeve that the other one of you does?
CS: I hate, whenever we land in airports, he always has to go to the bathroom right when we land and like, I’m always just trying to get back to the hotel. I’m always like, “why don’t you go to the bathroom on the flight when we have 8 hours when we’re doing nothing?” And I think for him, I don’t wanna speak for Drew but I never admit to being wrong [laughs] and I know when we get into arguments and stuff it’s always really funny because he’ll be like “So, you’re wrong?” and I’ll be like, “Well technically if you look at it like this…” and he’s just like, “chill, you’re wrong.”

B: So if you guys read the site, you know that Betches love talking shit. What’s the worst thing somebody’s said about you?
CS: God, there’s so many. The most insulting thing that anybody says about us is that we don’t make our own music. Like really gets under our skin because that’s essentially like saying everything we do is a fraud. So that really pisses us off because we’re very self-deprecating, funny, joke-y guys, but we do take our music side seriously and that gets us really pissed off. But I don’t know how familiar you are with dance music but everyone in dance music talks shit, it’s like the craziest community of shit-talking dicks. So, yeah it’s kind of unfortunate but it comes with the territory. If I went on Twitter right now there’d probably be at least one person talking shit.

B: I read in an interview that you guys like to drink a lot—same. What’s your fave drink?
CS: Our night usually starts out with Bud Light, moves to red bull vodka and then before you know you’re chugging Patron or Fireball.

Editor’s note: same.

B: Casual. do you have any ridiculous blackout stories?
CS: God, so many. It’s crazy, you know when you fly on planes as much as we do, your memory just kind of disappears with reference and everything, and if you ask someone what i did last weekend I actually can’t tell you what I did off the top of my head. But that said, I mean it’s funny, the nights where we both really get blacked out, it ends with us wrestling each other. We wake up with blood all over each other and shit, and we’re like WTF, but we don’t really remember why or like who won, really. It’s very bro-y, I can’t lie.

B: Speaking of bro-y stuff…if you were going to invite a girl over for Netflix what movie would you put on?

CS: Tough one. Probably like, The Purge or one of those scary movies…a scary movie for sure is always a winner. Comedies are funny and shit, but like, you gotta put in a lot more work to make the chill happen.

B: Agreed. Do you have a hookup playlist or song?
CS: We both have girlfriends, so we’re far past the romantic stage. But I have one [a playlist], it hasn’t been used in like 2 years, it’s like basically just (it’s actually the most epic playlist) it’s like 900 songs long. So I don’t know what kind of love-making session I’m having but it would be like a month long.
B: It would be the kind that would just end up with you in the hospital.
CS: Exactly.

B: I read that you both take pride in your bushy eyebrows, do you have any tips for getting your eyebrows on fleek?

CS: It’s very au natural. I’m realizing that I need to, like, trim them and if I don’t I’m gonna look like a fucking squirrel in no time. But what I’ve realized is—I used to have an ex-girlfriend who’s crazy and she even has an Instagram about good eyebrows—I never appreciated good eyebrows until she came along. I realized how fucking terrible someone looks with shitty eyebrows that are just all out of shape, or like too thin. So the key to eyebrows is just let them do their thing. As a dude you don’t want them too bushy, you don’t want a unibrow, but like don’t overdo it. It’s when you dwell on something is when it gets too crazy.

B: I watched your video with Shaq the other day; it was really funny. Could you tell me more about what that was like?
CS: He’s just so cool, you know what I mean, that guy is just the illest guy…Shaq is for sure a fucking cool dude. He’s just like, so chill, like exactly how you’d imagine a guy like him: game for whatever, totally impromptu invited us to his house. And he’s actually really good at everything he does, he’s kind of like a savant. He can pick something up really quickly and be good at it and I think he’ll be fun at Tomorrowworld.

B: Are you pumped for Tomorrowworld?
CS: Yeah, it’s fucking awesome.

B: What are some of your other fave festivals that you’ve been to or played?
CS: I really liked Lollapalooza this year, that was fucking sick. Hard Summer was a really great time and a cool lineup. Firefly Festival was sick. In Europe, Electric Love was amazing. There’s so many honestly, now it’s insane. Each one offers a lot but like Tomorrowworld is probably one of our top 3.

B: Now that we’re on the topic of your music, I know you have new stuff coming out—Roses was dope BTW. But if you could describe your new shit in one emoji or a series of emojis what would you choose and why?
CS: I guess it would be like the smiley face with the one eye open and the tongue out just because who cares, whatever. I also really like the fire symbol, and then the shower symbol. But I guess it’s because there’s no real pattern, it’s just whatever we feel like doing.
B: Yeah and the 100 emoji bc you gotta keep it 100
CS: Oh yeah, for sure the 100 emoji. Good call.

B: Is there anything else that’s coming up that you’re excited about that you wanna let us know about?
CS: We’ve got a solo track coming out Friday that’s like, really progressive house music. if you don’t like progressive house music, do not bother wasting your time listening to this. But it’s like really great for what it is, and then obviously Roses we’re extremely excited about. Justin Bieber said it was the illest song out right now, which I can’t really believe but it’s awesome. This fall we’re just gonna put out a bunch of shit.
B: What kind of stuff?
CS: We’re very much like, we are what we eat. So like, when it’s cold out we make music that reflects the season. So we have these cool fall tracks that are really emotional and chill and shit. So we’re excited, we’ve got some cool shit coming out.

B: So, last question: Do you think there’s more to life than being really really ridiculously good-looking?

CS: No. Yeah, definitely. I’m trying to think, like, what it could possibly be though? I think definitely it’s not about being good-looking—it’s about attitude. i feel like there’s so few people around nowadays who have that positive vibe, and you just gotta like, see the good in things. Not be like stupid, like don’t walk around like fucking Eddie Murphy in Holy Man, but like, you just gotta put out positive energy. Work hard and things will work out, it’ll be ok, life will be a whole lot more enjoyable regardless. So if you’re not good-looking, that’s the vibe you should adopt. And if you are good-looking and you have that vibe, then you’re straight-up elite status.

B: Good life advice.
CS: I know, right? I know my shit.


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