Instagram Model Will Send Your Unwanted Dick Pic To Your Girlfriend

Hasn’t like every phone owning woman received an unwanted dick pic at some point in her life? Opening your iMessage to a scary boner is probably one of the worst experiences. Like, yikes. (Insert monkey covering his eyes emoji here.)

Thank god for betches taking a stand like Instagram model Emily Sears. The Australian-born model posts some pretty sexy pics and has a pretty big following. She told Buzzfeed News she gets dm-ed like two or more dick pics A DAY. What the fuck is wrong with men?

Anyway, Emily decided to do something about it. She decided to do a bit of research and find out who the culprits are dating and send them a message telling them what’s been going on. If they don’t seem to have a girlfriend or significant other, she’ll just send them a casual screen shot of the names of their family members as a threat to tell them what kind of an AH their brother, nephew or son is.

She’s not planning on stopping any time soon, either. Emily says she’s going to continue to keep up her good work to raise awareness about this type of online harassment. 


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