Instagram Captions That Are Seriously Overused Right Now

These captions need no introduction. If you've seen them once, you've seen them a million fucking times.

Let me take a selfie

I'm unsure why the invention of a song making fun of how girls go out at night and are obsessed with taking selfies managed to actually cause more selfies to be taken, just this time with a “really clever” song lyric caption. Like wow you must be so creative and brilliant that the first thing you thought of to caption your needless instagram with was the lyrics of what you're doing. You're sooo clever. Okay now I'm getting all worked up. Who wears cheetah? Maybe I should take another selfie.

We be all night

Ugh, you and your boyfriend or bestie do not fucking BE all night. You probably be until around 1am then you go home and drunk eat pizza. #graininonthatfood

I woke up like this/dis

This caption is pretty much only going to be worthwhile at this point if used in an extremely ironic way, like a double chin selfie of you just waking up. No one thinks you're being ironic by saying you woke up wearing sunglasses and an Hermes belt.


Although #blessed is definitely massively overused, I still happen to find it hilarious when used in pretty much any context. Like when you use #blessed on your new Celine shoes I'm laughing at you, and on your picture of the Popemobile I'm laughing with you. 

Uh-huh honey

Awww you love your boyfriend so much you guys are so cute together!!!!!!!


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