Commitment-Free Tattoos Are The New Black

We don’t have to tell you that commitment is hard AF. Whether it’s choosing a Netflix show, trying to go to the gym (nope), or dating Taylor Swift, we’re just not about that life. Tbh, we have enough trouble committing to an outfit for one night out, so the lifelong commitment of getting inked just isn’t going to happen. That’s why we love inkbox two-week tattoos.

We all remember those trainwreck temporary tats from birthday parties when we were kids, and this is nothing like that. Inkbox tats look and feel like the real thing, because they’re made from a unique formula that actually sinks in to the first layer of your skin (real tattoos are in the second layer).


This allows them to stay for a couple weeks, then fade away when your skin naturally regenerates.


And for all you earthy betches, the tattoos are organic, so you can take pride in telling everyone that you literally have fruit embedded in your skin. Pretty cool, huh?


If you’re not just in the mood for a basic bitch infinity sign, inkbox has you covered. They have literally hundreds of designs to choose from, and soon you’ll even be able to make custom designs if you really need your favorite Bible verse or some shit like that. They also have freehand ink bottles, if you and your friends are feeling adventurous and/or drunk.

So basically, inkbox tattoos are everything we’ve ever wanted about tattoos without all the regret. Your body is a temple, so you don’t want to fuck it up with bad spring break decisions. Just ask your Aunt Tracey about her dolphin tramp stamp, RIP.

Justin Bieber tramp stamp


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