I’m Over It: Sorry I’m Not Sorry

In the history of TTH and pathetic attempts of nicegirls to seem less nice, there is one slogan that embodies the movement of faux-betchery that simply must GTFO. I’m sure all of you know exactly what I’m talking about, because you, probably standing in line at Starbucks or checking insta during class, just overheard some floser say it through the haze of her designer imposter perfume. This blasphemous piece of shit is “Sorry, I’m not sorry”.

Whoever started this saying probably had her black heart in the right place, and could not possibly have foreseen the ensuing shit storm of copycat delusionals that would murder it on a slab and sacrifice it to the gods of annoyingness. Seriously, it doesn’t make you sound cool because it makes you sound unoriginal and like, fat. Like actually, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing because everyone around you immediately hallucinates that you are wearing a powder pink fur coat, oversized white square sunglasses with spiral sidebars and Emu knock off ugg boots. It’s fucking pathetic. Obvi, nobody here is trying to say that you need to sound like Stephen Hawking, but come the fuck on, put a little more effort into your vocab, and that’s coming from somebody who was just too lazy to write out the whole word. I just for the life of me don’t understand how somebody other than the aforementioned originator of the phrase could possibly think that this is ok. Because as your GBFF, I’m telling you it is NOT.

If you think about it not that hard, it really doesn’t take that much effort to think of something else to say. I personally am not about to try and sit here and tell you what you should replace it with, out of fear that flocks of sheep or whatever animals travel in flocks would start saying that and we would find ourselves in like a paradox or some shit. We as a people need to come together and stop this verbal pandemic from reaching the other parts of the world. Solly I not Solly. It was the English speakers mistake and we have to fix it.

Betches don’t let betches say “Sorry, I’m Not Sorry”. That’s like the other rule of feminism.


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