Iggy Declares War On Papa John’s For Giving Out Her Phone Number

After the Grammy's last night, Iggy Azalea decided to order Papa John's, undoubtedly to console the fact that she didn't win any Grammys (thank God). She was dumb enough to use her actual phone when ordering the pizza and to answer the door for the delivery guy herself (does she not even have like, a cleaning lady who can answer the door for her? What a pleb), so naturally the Papa John's delivery guy gave out her number to his closest friends and family members. They then proceeded to text her shit like “Omg Iggy I love you you're my idol please call me back” (aka, Omg Iggy you're so hot plz hav sex with meeee).

Naturally, Iggy was pissed, and taking a cue from Azalea Banks, she decided the best way to rectify the situation would be to start a Twitter war with Papa John's. Here's what went down:

Sidenote, who the fuck hashtags #We? Also, I also really don't think this is an appropriate time to try to work in a pun of one of Iggy's songs (#bounce). Get it together, Papa John's.

Iggy was obv not impressed with this lame-ass apology, and continued on the warpath, threatening to sue everyone invovled. She's like, a real American now.

So I guess the moral of the story is this: if you're a celebrity, don't order delivery on your own cell phone, and don't answer the door yourself. I mean, do you think Beyonce would dare stoop to open the door to her own home? Doubt it. Also, next time you want to stuff your face with pizza at 3am, don't. As if you needed further proof.


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