Iggy Azalea Pretends To Be A Ghost

It's Day 7 of Weird Shit Iggy Azalea Does. Literally what the fuck is going on in this photo? She's wearing a white sheet that she drew a ghost face on. She's also wearing espadrille flats and sweatpants – they're all that fit her right now. I'm just so confused because this does not follow the normal timeline for a celebrity breakdown. It starts with a black out drunk fight or paparazzi encounter, then a shitty performance in a movie, interview, or performance followed by the full on public meltdown. It's like she skipped right to the third stage. I get that you're new to this Iggy, but there's a protocol here in the world of celebrity drama. Call up Lindsay Lohan, I'm sure she'd have some good advice.

Source: eOnline


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