Iggy Azalea Fucks Up With Yet Another Stupid Tweet

Welcome back, children, to another episode of “high profile people who need to STFU.” First up is who else, but former Betch of the Week and current disappointment, Iggy Azalea. After Lemonade dropped, while the rest of the world has spent all of our free time since Saturday trying to decipher the identity of the mysterious “Becky with the good hair” who probably single-handedly destroyed the marriage of America’s First Couple (sorry, Barack and Michelle), Iggy Azalea decided to take this time to remind us all—not that anybody was asking—not to call her Becky. Because what doesn’t Iggy have to make about herself? That would be annoying enough, except that in true Iggy fashion, she had to call upon some pretty questionable racial analogies to back up her point. I bet you know where this is going, but we’re going to go there anyway.

Iggy took to Twitter, where she has had so much success with expressing her opinions, to lay out her thoughts.


Uh… okay, Iggy. Nobody was calling you Becky. Nobody was really talking about you at all, actually. I know, must feel strange.


Nooooo. Iggy, noooo. Why? Why did you take it there? I knew you were going to take it there, but…did you have to? You had to see that this wasn’t going to end well, right? YOU HAD TO.

Okay, sure, let’s just pretend that being called a term that, AT WORST, refers to white girls being inclined to give out blow jobs freely (and at best is just being a basic white girl, which she is), has 200 years of slavery and oppression behind it, rather than gaining popularity from a Plies song that came out in 2010. Sure. Let’s also pretend that being named Becky will make you less likely to get a job. Are we having fun playing make-believe yet?

Okay. Now that we’re living in a fantasy world where these two things are on par with one another and you’re not just butthurt, riddle me this, Iggy: Where the fuck is your publicist at? Do you have a PR team? You CAN’T have thought this was going to bring you some good PR. Once again, I am offering you my services as your publicist. My first lesson’s free: Stop. Think. Don’t hit “send.” There, wasn’t that easy? Also, don’t you have better things to do than insert yourself into conversations that had nothing to do with you in the first place—like, I don’t know, deal with your cheating fiancé?


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