Iggy Azalea Blames Britney Spears For Pretty Girls Flopping

Social media is to Iggy Azalea what most SAB's are to betches: she knows it's bad for her but for some reason she can't stay the fuck away. Case in point: Iggy took to Twitter to shadily blame Britney for how badly Pretty Girls flopped. Yeah Iggy the song totally failed because Britney didn't promote it enough, it's totally not because the song is awful and we're all sick of seeing you regurgitate 80's movies and calling it a “music video”…

Try again.

It all started after some delusional Iggy fan, presumably out of nowhere, tweeted at Iggy, “even if PG flopped a little bit still getting a lot of views on YT and it's the summer anthem of 2015, so whatever we love you.”

OK first of all, if you think Pretty Girls is the summer anthem of 2015 you should probably buy an actual radio instead of just listening to The New Classic on repeat because PG is no Fancy, I'll just say that.

Iggy took this sort-of compliment as the sort-of compliment it was, tweeted back, “Thank you,” and that was the end of it.

Or at least, that's how this story would play out if Iggy didn't behave on social media with the emotional maturity of an 8th grader. (Sidenote, maybe it's time to give your publicist your Twitter password?) She replied:


K. But then she made this totally unnecessary follow-up:



To quote Ron Burgundy, “That escalated quickly.”

IDK if Iggy's trying to take a page out of Azalea Banks' playbook and just start Twitter beef with everyone in the hopes of clinging onto her last shreds of relevance? I mean, I know having to cancel your tour due to lack of ticket sales is rough, but you just got engaged, girl. Life isn't so bad.


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