Iggy Azalea Has Racked Up So Much Credit Card Debt

It’s been a couple years since Iggy Azalea was anywhere close to the top of the charts, and it looks like she’s been living a little too, um, fancy. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Iggy has a $300,000 unpaid balance with American Express, so like yikes.

In the court documents, it says that Iggy has a preset limit of $50k, which means she spent an extra quarter million dollars, then just decided not to pay any of it. Which kind of seems like a setup, if you ask me—like, why even have a limit if the credit card company lets you go six times over that? Or so I ask my mom accountant every month.

So does this mean Iggy is, like, poor? Not necessarily. She might just be shitty at getting bills paid on time, which like, same. Or maybe she doesn’t really understand how a credit card works? Because also like, same. Being an adult is hard, and maybe Iggy just isn’t on top of her shit.

Or maybe she’s broke. Since her big breakout in 2014, she’s struggled to recreate her initial success, and two new singles that she put out this spring failed to chart in the US at all. She hasn’t toured in like, three years, so it’s not crazy to think that her funds might be running a bit low. She probably spent a little too much on butt injections, which is a classic mistake that many girls make.

So is this the end of Iggy Azalea? Tbh, she’s been over for a couple years now, but things aren’t looking good. AmEx wants the whole 300k covered, plus their legal expenses, so things could get ugly.