IG Influencer Caroline Calloway Un-Canceled Her Tour

The best scammers never stay out of the game for long, and Caroline Calloway is clearly one of the best. Just 48 hours ago, I told you all about her canceled tour of creativity workshops. She apologized to all her fans and followers, and said that the whole experience was humbling. She even acknowledged that the tour was fueled by greed!

Well, that was 48 hours ago, and that’s practically a lifetime in the world of a grifter. You guessed it: THE TOUR IS BACK ON. On Wednesday, after a day of silence on her Instagram story, she fired off three long messages, explaining that everyone else was really wrong the whole time.

If you’re thinking to yourself “Dear God, who puts that much text in an Instagram story???,” then welcome to the world of Caroline Calloway. She exclusively posts stories (she recently deleted all of her grid posts back to 2016), and she claims she was the first to use this format. That’s the kind of genius that warrants a $165 ticket!

The best part of the uncancellation note is when she says that she’ll be requesting that people return their refunds for last weekend’s workshops. Girl, why?? If you want to start over, that’s one thing, but quit harassing people for the money you already gave them back. According to her stories, Caroline and two of her friends (employees?) were hard at work on Wednesday planning the Tour 2.0, which we still don’t actually have any details about. Given her track record with the first tour and the failed book deal, I’m sure it’ll be a smashing success. Most likely, she’ll charge the same amount (or more) for the new tour, but she won’t even try to provide lunch, or goodie bags, or mason jar wildflower gardens. Basically, she’ll put in even less work, because the price is worth it just to be in her presence.

Then, on Wednesday night, after a super hard day of work, Caroline proved that she’s the girl I knew she was when she posted several Reputation-era Taylor Swift lyrics on her story.

Yup, that explains so much of this. Whatever your feelings are about Taylor Swift, this makes so much sense. Caroline listened to Reputation all the way back home to New York from DC, and suddenly she realized that what she did wasn’t wrong, and she’s amazing, and everyone should pay all this money to hear her talk about nothing! I feel like she and Jax Taylor would get along, because I’m getting major sociopath vibes from both.

As I’m writing this, Caroline just posted on her Insta story, with details about the next workshop, which is happening THIS SATURDAY in New York. That really gives me a lot of faith that she’s put time and careful consideration into planning.

Honestly, I was thinking about trying to go to this round of workshops, but Caroline is too smart for that. By forcing people to apply with their Instagram info, she’s trying to weed out the potential trolls and media people who want to go ironically. Well played, Caro, this is probably the only thing you’ve done right. I’m definitely not getting a spot, but if you’re in NYC this weekend with 6.5 hours to spare, send your application now!

Images: @carolinecalloway / Instagram (3)