If You Like ‘The Ultimatum’, You’ll Love These Upcoming Reality Shows On Netflix

After the runaway success of Love is Blind, Netflix has decided to go ahead and appoint Nick and Vanessa Lachey the king and queen of reality romance. Not to worry, though. They’re only using their powers for good with the latest social experiment, The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On. 

Six couples, each with one partner who has issued an ultimatum, are brought together to figure out whether or not they’re ready for marriage. To navigate this complicated matter, the gods of reality TV have created a simulated marriage experience. The couples will split up and choose a new partner to live with for three weeks. Then, they’ll reunite with their initial partner for another three-week trial marriage. 

This pseudo-marriage will consist of drinking from metallic goblets, going to nightclubs, and generally avoiding all mention of that giant, polygamous elephant in the room. You know, the typical married life stuff. And in the end, they’ll be able to say with absolute certainty whether or not they’re ready to marry or move on. 

While we wait for the next season of this shit show, Netflix has an exciting lineup of new reality dating shows. If you loved The Ultimatum, just wait until you see these! 

Maybe A Baby Will Fix Things

Experts agree that having a baby to try and fix a struggling relationship is a bad idea. But there are plenty of couples who’ve done just that with lasting success. So, what do the experts really know? The latest social experiment on Netflix aims to find out. On Maybe a Baby Will Fix Things, three childless couples with  struggling marriages will switch places with three new-parent couples. The new parents will be sent to a five-star resort in Cabo for a week of romantic reconnection. Meanwhile, the childless couples will take on all the childcare duties and sleepless nights that come with raising a new baby. At the end of the week, they’ll decide if they want to have a baby to fix their marriage or split up forever.

Just Like Ben & J.Lo

Getting back together after a breakup isn’t necessarily uncommon, but it rarely works out well. Except for when it does! Just look at Ben and J.Lo. Twenty years after a broken engagement, these famous love-birds have managed to find happiness the second time around. In this social experiment, we’ll be taking five sets of exes and pairing them back together to determine whether or not they can find their own second-chance happy ending. 

Everyone Is Gay

As Kurt Cobain once sang, everyone is gay. But, was the crowned prince of grunge right? This new reality show will take that Nirvana lyric and put it to the ultimate test. Six straight couples will split up and choose a partner from one of the other relationships to live with for one month. And here’s the catch—they’ll be pairing up with a new partner of their same gender. The couples will spend a few nights mingling with one another before choosing someone they feel most compatible with. Then, the new couples will move in together for a one-month period to see whether or not they’d rather be in a same-sex relationship. 


Can a Taurus fall in love with an Aries? Would a Gemini get along with a Leo, or would they drive each other crazy? Astro Love, a new reality dating show from Netflix, is set to give you the answer! We’ll pair ten single men and women together based solely on their zodiac. Our expert astrologists will study their birth charts in order to match them up. The newly formed couples will meet, vacation together for a week, and then move in for another month to see whether or not your star sign can reliably predict your soulmate.

The Ex-Report

No one knows you better than the ex who dumped you, right? Hiring managers take resumes from their candidates before giving them the job. They also call their former employers to get a reference. What if you could do something similar with your potential suitors? On The Ex-Report, single men and women will get to do just that. They’ll choose a love interest based solely on a photo and reports from previous lovers. Will they be able to look past cheating, gaslighting, or passive-aggressive conflict resolution to find lasting love? Only Netflix can find out.

Image: Courtesy of Netflix

Katie Mannion
Katie Mannion
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