Idiot Teacher Let Class Watch 50 Shades Of Grey

Remember how in high school some teachers would try to bribe you by offering a pizza party or some other bullshit reward for good behavior or high test scores or something? Well, one idiot teacher in West Virginia thought, hey, maybe these teens would be motivated by some sexual content, and allowed his or her class to watch “50 Shade of Grey” as a reward.

The teacher, whose identity has not been released, says they had no idea what the movie was about. Though I’m pretty sure West Virginia is where idiots come from, even my dead grandmother knows what 50 Shades is about, so that excuse is not really holding water with me.

Thumbs up to these students, though. They probably suggested watching the movie as a joke and then kept the prank going when the teacher agreed to it.

The class made it a full ten minutes into the movie before an assistant principal walked by and shut the movie down, not because it was 50 Shades, but because the school has a policy against watching any movie in class, let alone one involving bondage and spanking.

The story published by The Charleston Daily Mail also includes this gem of knowledge:

A report looking at social media activity mentioning the movie compiled by Facebook found that West Virginia had the most likes, shares and posts leading up to its release last year. During that study, 3.7 million people had more than 6 million interactions related to the movie, though it did not specify what portion was owed to West Virginians.

Meaning West Virginians are totally obsessed with 50 Shades, obsessed enough to now show it in schools.

Keep it classy, W.V.


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