IDFWU: Betchy Linguistics

If you’ve turned on the radio in the last couple months, chances are you’ve heard Big Sean yelling at you, but you might not know what he’s been saying, because approximately 80% of the words are bleeped out. Just so we’re all on the same page, he’s saying “I don’t fuck with you,” aka IDFWU. This is important, because it’s about to be your new motto.

Big Sean’s song is definitely catchy, but that’s really not super important here. In daily betch life, IDFWU has nothing to do with some girl who won’t leave you alone, but more of a general attitude.  Think of IDFWU as the 2015 version of giving zero fucks, which was the 2012 version of just not caring. IDFWU doesn’t need to be directed at a specific person, so feel free to use it whenever it seems appropriate.  Some examples include addressing shady bros, addressing dumb bitches, and addressing life in general.

Another important/common usage of IDFWU is in Instagram captions. People are already using it regularly, so you probably have about 72 hours before it becomes unusable. To make IDFWU work as a caption, you have to have basically the betties photo possible. Preferably several of your best frenemies at a club or something, but everyone MUST LOOK HOT. I refuse to double tap a photo of ugly girls acting like they’re better than me.


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