A Hungarian Singer is Suing Beyonce

Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Timbaland are all being sued for copy infringement rights of Drunk in Love. Some Hungarian singer named Mitsou claims that the eerie warbling in the beginning of Drunk in Love is actually her vocals taken from her 1995 song “Bajba, Bajba Pelem.” I’m pretty sure this could be considered an act of war, and Hungary should watch their fucking backs.

I decided to check out this song to see if any of Mitsou’s claims seemed legit. I came to the conclusion that

  1. I am not convinced
  2. Thank god we don’t live in Hungary, this shit is awful.

None of the accused have responded as of yet, because why would they. Everyone knows that if this continues to be an issue, Mitsou will probably disappear without a trace and we will all pretend like the illuminati had nothing to do with it. Sorry, Hungary, but that’s what happens when you fuck with the Carters.



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