How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes With Minimal Effort

So according to every beauty blogger ever and probably Dr. Oz, cleaning your makeup brushes is, like, really important. Dirty brushes harbor bacteria and can cause you to break out. Plus, they make you look like a total fucking slob. Which you aren’t, despite what your mom maid says.
As much as it seriously blows to do any sort of activity that involves work, if you use your brushes daily you should be cleaning them at least every other day with a spray cleaner (UGH) and deep cleaning them at least every other week.

Here's how to clean those fuckers in the easiest, least laborious way possible. You’ll need your brushes, a sink, brush cleanser, and some paper towels.


Step 1.

Run the brush under lukewarm water (never submerge the brush as that can ruin the bristles).

Step 2.

Grab your brush cleanser (if you're poor, you can use baby shampoo) and put enough on your brush so it starts to lather.

Step 3.

Swirl the brush on your hand so you can get to all the makeup that has settled at the bottom of the bristles.

Step 4.

When all the makeup seems to be gone and your sink no longer looks like a crime scene, rinse the brush with water until there’s no cleanser left.

Step 5.

Squeeze out any excess water and lay them down to dry overnight on some paper towels.

See? That wasn't so hard. (Edit: it's actually super hard because I just did it myself and practically passed out. I support you in your quest to just go buy new brushes every other week or hire a beauty blogger to become your PA).


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