How To Survive Summer Without Your Besties

Your best friends make dumb situations more fun. The idea of going into an internship and not having anyone to exchange “ughs” with when the girl who inevitably tries too hard shows up is daunting. But the good thing about being apart from your besties is you’ll have twice as much material to talk about when you are together.  Plus, instead of feeling FOMO because you aren’t doing everything together, you’ll be exchanging posts via social media that will give everyone in your network crossfire FOMO as they see how much you guys miss each other.

After the first week you’ll start to branch out and you might even find another truncated pair of friends you can commiserate with.  You’ll quickly make friends and even if you don’t like them that much you can talk shit to your bestie cross country wherever you go.

If you’re in your hometown, hanging out with your high school friends is the best way to meet new people. You can rekindle an old crush just for conquest’s sake, and that will keep you distracted from the fact that you’re miles away from the girls that really “get” you.

If you’re interning in a new city, focus on killing it at your job.  That will lead you to feeling competent AF and you’ll want to go out and celebrate in no time. We’re all a little bit competitive with our friends, so having success will drive your best friends to do well so when you guys get back to the same city you’ll both be upgraded versions of yourselves.

The key to surviving without your bestie is to challenge each other to do interesting things in your respective cities.  You’ll be motivated to talk to your work-crush just to give your best friend an update on the situation.  Just because you’re not with each other in person doesn’t mean you can’t wingman each other – hearing your friend’s stories will energize you to pursue your own.

And if all else fails, book a vacation and meet up somewhere in between, and spend the rest of your summer planning it from your respective cities.


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