How To Stop Your Favorite Sweaters From Pilling Once And For All

One of the very few perks about dressing in the winter is the never-ending assortment of sweaters to choose from. They’re your go-to for just about any outfit, whether you’re going with leggings, jeans, or a skirt. Praise be. If they didn’t exist, I honestly don’t know what else I would nurse my hangovers in every Sunday morning. Like, I shamelessly live in oversize sweaters during this time year so I can put little to no effort in my outfits, but still get called boho chic or whatever. However, I’m constantly faced with the challenge of how to stay looking cute while my overly worn sweaters, on the other hand, look like Raggedy Ann—aka not so cute. And like, I strongly feel as though this is one of those problems we all think about, but rarely talk about. We should be texting each other more questions like, “hey, how do u fix the ugly fuzz balls on ur sweaters?” On that note, I realized I should do everyone a favor and share how to rescue and prevent your favorite sweaters from pilling so you don’t have to keep buying more or find yourself picking at them on the train. You’re welcome.

1. Turn Your Sweaters Inside Out And Place Them In A Bag

Since clothes are tumbled around and constantly rubbing against each other in the washer, make sure you’re turning all your favorite pieces inside out first. The friction causes fuzz and pilling on materials like wool, cotton, and polyester, so this reduces any damage from happening to the outside of a shirt. Additionally, consider buying a super cheap washable mesh bag that’s large enough for all of your sweaters. This helps separate delicate pieces from others in the wash.

2. Dry Cleaning Is Not The Solution To All Your Problems

Despite contrary belief, dry cleaning will not remove pilling. In fact, the service doesn’t repair already damaged clothing at all. Unless the inner tag recommends dry cleaning only, leave your sweaters out of the dryer completely and consider drying them at home, preferably on a flat surface, so fabric doesn’t stretch out or pull.

3. Invest In A Fabric Shaver

These are super easy to find and many of them are like, ridiculously inexpensive.  These seriously underrated little things will remove pilling and restore worn knits to look brand new again.

Soda Says x Steamery Pilo Fabric Shaver

4. Use A Stone

Okay, obviously, not your ordinary stone like picking up the next f*cking rock you find outside. There are literal stones you can buy that are made just for repairing your favorite sweaters from pilling and snags. It’s 2019, you guys, I wouldn’t be too shocked.

The Laundress Sweater Stone

5. Turns Out, Velcro Rollers Are Total Life-Savers

A solution without breaking the bank—using some velcro hair rollers you can find at your nearest drugstore—will do just the trick. It takes a bit longer than the previous methods, but like, when it comes to saving money and also preserving some of your clothes, it’s worth it, tbh.

Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers

So best of luck restoring the life to your favorite knits, because we still have a lot of winter left. Try these solutions, and see if they work for you!

Photo: Shutterstock; Bed, Bath, & Beyond; Giphy; Nordstrom; Ulta