How To Pull An All-Nighter

As the summer winds down and schools start up again, you realize you’re going to be cramming before a test at some point. But lucky for you, your skills staying up all night translate into the library as well. Everything you’ve learned about staying awake when you’re going out comes in handy when it comes to pulling an all-nighter in school.

When you decide to pull an all-nighter, you learn to time travel. This is because you go from having only a few hours left before your deadline to a full day’s worth of study time. It’s like magic or something. If you’ve got a short attention span, you might need a study partner. We suggest hitting up your friend Addy to see if she’s available. Study partners are great because they keep you from falling asleep and help you stay focused.

But if you’re going at this alone, never fear. Get in the zone with some snacks and an iced coffee. Just like when you’re going out, don’t eat a big meal for dinner – it will only slow you down and make you sleepy. Also, set some goals. Look, if you haven’t been to class and your final is tomorrow, you’re probably not going to get every question right, but target a few topics you know you’ll be quizzed on and nail those. A good goal would be to write at least 3 pages of your paper in the next hour.

Staying up all night in a library sounds like the worst, but so does taking ten shots of Fireball in one night, and you’ve made it through that one alive. It’s important to remember that when facing an all-nighter, think very short term. You just need to get through the next day, and then you can crash. This isn’t a marathon, it’s a short sprint.

If you must nap, make it a power nap. Take 20 minute naps on the hour, and whatever you do, don’t hit the snooze button. And stay off of Facebook and Twitter, unless it’s for research purposes. Gchat is okay, because it’s where you’ll find others to commiserate your all-nighter with. Just remember, if you had the energy to rally during Spring Break for four days straight, you can make it through one night of studying.  Besides, being on top is betchy, even if it is just the top of your class.


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