5 Games To Play At Your Next Party So It Doesn't Suck

Dear Betch,

I follow this site religiously, and while I know party planning is not a commonly discussed topic, I know the Betches are always the life of the party so I decided to ask for advice anyway. I am planning a classy luncheon at a cute, Pinterest-worthy bakery for my birthday. I’ve booked the venue for two hours, and the only food served will be tea sandwiches and the cake. I’m worried within the two hours my guests will run out of things to talk about, so i’ve been trying to find little games or activities to include but so far i’ve come up with nothing. I did decide to buy little disposable Polaroid cameras for the guests to use, but that will only last so long. What I’m asking is, what are some fun but not cheesy activities you would recommend for an afternoon luncheon?


Hostess with The Mostess

Dear Hostess,

Jazz snaps all around for planning your own birthday party—I’ll assume you’re turning either 23 or 36. Although most of us would’ve been fine with taking shots over stuffing our faces with cake (i.e. CARBS) I’m sure your Pinterest tea party will be adorable.

I’m also assuming you aren’t serving alcohol, otherwise there’d be literally no way your guests (who I assume are betchy) would run out of things to talk about. SO, my task has become: How to keep boring sober betches entertained for 2 hours without them turning to eating cake and gaining three pounds. You girls keep me young.

Here are some fun activities to keep you all busy at the tea party you’re too old for:

1. Bring Cards Against Humanity Or A Similar Game

It’s literally always hilarious and may go nicely at a tea party. You could get kicked out of your Insta-worthy bakery, but at least you’ll remember hilarious responses forever. “What is George W. Bush thinking about right now?” “A really cool hat” will stick with me until I die.

2. A La Jenga, Bring A Box Of Sugar Cubes

Let guests stack them. It’s adorable and the fattest girl can eat all the sugar at the end.

3. Tea Taste Game

Purchase a few different brews of tea like black, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, etc. and put them in different pots. Have everyone taste and write their guesses as to what kind it could be. Winner gets to either take home the rest of the birthday cake or wins a cup of tea and a box of macarons on you.

4. Mad Libs Printables

You can print these from literally anywhere and I suggest getting a few and scattering them on tables. While they sip their tea, guests can jot in hilar responses and IT’LL BE SO DROLL. 

5. Charades

Yah, it’s lame, but they used to play it at literal Victorian tea parties so, at least it’s an accurate depiction of the 1900’s shindig.