How to Not Get Attached to Your Summer Fling

Is everyone horny AF this summer or is that just me? I’m also single AF this summer, the combination of the horniness and singleness is setting me (and probably a lot of you) up for a series of what I assume will be mostly regrettable flings.

Fair warning though, if I don’t watch it, I can easily turn from the cool girl with a laissez-faire attitude about hooking up to a certifiable stage-five clinger, and no one wants to see that. Trust me, no one.

So what’s a betch to do when you’re caught between wanting to have the summer fling with a hot seasonal worker and not wanting to get attached, like, at all? Never fear, here are the tips for keeping it casual and not getting caught up in thinking you actually like your summer slam 2015.

Don’t Add Them on Social Media

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I tend to disagree. Absence makes it super easy to not give a shit about someone. If you add your hook-up on FB or Instagram you’re going to need to be prepared to see them doing stuff that involves not you. Obviously, you’re not dating, so this guy (or girl–civil rights, this is the 90’s) can do and post whatever the fuck they want. Don’t add them and you won’t have any of the FOMO that might come with seeing whatever they’re doing. Also, when it comes time to go back to school or snap out of your slutty phase, whichever comes first, it’ll be easy to forget about them entirely if they aren’t popping up on your feeds.

Have More Than One

Why does Hugh Hefner have, like, a shit ton of House Bunnies and not just one or two really quality ones? Because he doesn’t want to get attached and have to give up his weird pervy ways. Apply that twisted logic to your life. If you hang out with the same bro all summer you’re basically dating and with dating comes feelings, ew.  If you want to keep one guy around all summer, pepper your sexcursions with someone else so as to not become too hot and heavy with just one person. Variety is the spice of life.

Set a Deadline

If you’re going to catch something from a hookup, don’t let it be feelings.  Keep your flings on a deadline. One month? Sure. All three months of summer? Those feelings are going to resurface in the fall after too many happy hour margaritas. The cool thing about summer is that is comes with its own deadline and it’s Labor Day Weekend. Any contact after that is just getting sad and you might as well start dating.


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