How to Look Hot on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is next week which means a lot of nice girls will be going absolutely ape shit over absolutely nothing. But real betches know that Valentine's Day is just another reason to get presents from your boyfriend if you have one and celebrate being single with your friends if you don’t. But regardless of your relationship status Valentine’s Day means 2 things: you’re allowed to eat chocolate and wherever you celebrate, you must look super hot.

If you want to be lame and stay in, I meannnn fine. Bake yourself cookies and cry to your cat that you don't have a boyfriend. But the rest of us will be toasting our tequila shots to being amazing and single. And all that tequila will be paid for by bros, clearly, because we’ll be wearing this:

Nasty Gal – Jumper 


Three Floor – Nude/Black Dress 


Topshop – Cutout Dress


Adam Marc – Jewelry



Victoria's Secret – Open Back Lace Dress


Topshop – Lace Crop Top



Nasty Gal – Red Dress


And Two More Simple Yet Subtly Slutty Red Dresses from Nasty Gal… 




Jeffrey Campbell – Scallopini Pump


Victoria's Secret – Lace Lingerie


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