How To Layer Your Face Lotions And Shit

At first glance, it probably sounds crazy to use more than one skincare product at once. But why else would you spend so much money on expensive skin shit, if not to be a ridiculous connoisseur of it all? I DGAF, those lotions/creams/serums/oils are meant to be used. Plus science has basically told us that the more products you apply, the better off you'll be. As long as you know what the fuck you're doing, that is. Good thing navigating which product to put first is actually super simple if you follow these basic steps.

1. Start with the lightest product, i.e. serums. Just like with your eating routine, start light (then decide if you're actually hungry or just bored, then slap yourself for having no self control). Serums are best to put on before anything else because they absorb quickly.

2. Lock that shit down with a moisturizer. Preferably something with vitamins, so even if your body is malnourished at least your skin isn't.

3. Be patient. If at any point your skin starts to feel hella heavy, don't bitch about it. Just take a sec to let things soak in and do their magic.

4. Oil and water everything does mix. For an extra dose of glowiness, and if your face doesn't look like it's covered in semen (actually, it probs will, just warning you), add some oil on top of erythang. Here's the rule of thumb: oil can penetrate your moisturizer, but not vice versa. So if your going to be a greedy capitalist and use all your resources at once, put your moisturizer on first, duh.

5. For daytime, make SPF the last step. For nighttime, top everything off with a retinoid. Side note though, don't pair a retinoid with hydroxy acids, unless you want your face to fall off. LOL, just kidding. But not really though, don't fuck with that. You've been warned.


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