How To Get Free Starbucks Right Fucking Now

Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, it’s basically traditional to spend the evenings drinking to numb the pain of being trapped in the same room as your family and the mornings popping painkillers like a Real Housewife. But betches, it’s time to grab your sunglasses and get your hungover self to the nearest Starbucks ASAP. Between December 23 and January 2, you can get free Starbucks if you’re lucky enough to live near one of the participating stores. I guess the corporate coffee gods are thanking us for spending 90 percent of our paychecks on their fucking expensive drinks, #bless.

It’s all part of this thing called 10 Days of Cheer. Every day between 1 and 2pm until January 2, 100 Starbucks stores will be giving away—I repeat, giving away—any tall espresso drink you want for free. The catch is that the locations change every day, which sucks if you’re stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere for the holidays. (No self-respecting betch would choose to live anywhere with less than three Starbucks nearby, though.) But if you’re currently living in civilization, there’s probably approximately a million Starbucks within walking distance, so you can totally get free PSLs every day from now until the new year.


I mean, you definitely won’t be able to fit into anything but sweatpants for a few weeks if you drink all that sugar, but that just means you get to wear all the new Lululemon your grandma gave you. Because I’m a super nice person, here’s a pro tip: If you’re prepared to gain like 10 extra pounds, you can keep an eye on the 10 Days of Cheer locations over at TBH I’ll probably see you there.



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