How to Flex on Your Friends Without Being Annoying

Let’s be real, the only reason you’re posting on Snapchat is because you look good, but obvs you can’t just post a selfie without a caption. I mean, a caption can make the difference between you looking chill and witty versus just thirsty AF. Everyone knows you’re posting pics on social media to flex on your friends, but much like CrossFit (at least we assume), everyday can’t just be leg day. As in, you might have your selfie game on point, but if your captions are always the same old shit, sorry but you can’t sit with us.

Well you’re welcome because a new app CapGenius takes the effort out of coming up with clever captions because it does it for you. It’s honestly the best thing for Snapchat since the dog filter. Basically you download the app and it comes with a keyboard that has pre-written captions for every category imaginable. You know how you ask your friends “what should my caption be?” because you know your crush is going to view your story? Well this app is like if you asked your friends, but your friends were funnier and more clever and didn’t just make the same 5 jokes over and over. And also you didn’t have to wait for them to respond because you’re busy and time is of the essence.


The captions are split up in categories, including quotes by celebrities such as Aziz Ansari, Beyoncé, and yours truly, The Betches… so it’s literally like if we helped you write your captions. You’re welcome.  Look, we know you’re witty if you want to be, but who has the time? You’re busy #winning so you can’t spend 20 minutes deciding what you want to say about your rooftop pic. You just want everyone to know you’re on a rooftop.


For example, if I wanted to snap a picture of me doing Sirasana in my new yoga pants, I might type in the keyword “Yoga” and choose the caption “Namaslay all day”. There’s every key word you would need, from tacos to coffee to 420. It’s like a pocket thesaurus for witty captions except less nerdy.


You can also submit your own caption options if you agree, you think you’re really funny. If you’re the one your friends always ask for help on captions, then you might get featured on the app yourself.

The bottom line is, no matter how hot you are, if you’re posting too many selfies with no context to your stories, you’re going to come off annoying af. So avoid being an Anne Hathaway trying too hard and just get the CapGenius app, loser. You wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking your friends first, so why would you post a selfie without asking the Betches first?

Download CapGenius here, and follow them on Twitter @CapGeniusApp.