How To: Dress Like A Betch for Philanthropy Season

Every betch knows the importance of giving back to the community, but what good does that do us if no one knows about it? None of course. Which is why there's nothing more exciting (okay, there's actually a lot of things more exciting) than philanthropy season. Winter is that time your schedule takes on extra meaning, as in you suddenly find yourself going out and getting drunk and you can feel good about doing it because you did it for the kids/cancer/art museum/endangered sloths.

Naturally the most important question when it comes to charity is not where to donate your money, but what to wear while donating your money. Don't try act like you're above it, because then you would just stay home and donate anonymously. Also, these events usually have step and repeats.

Cocktail Dresses

Saint Laurent Illusion Dot Yoke Dress

This dress is one of the few times polka dots won't make you look like a middle aged obese woman at Disneyworld. Take advantage. 

KAMALIKULTURE Shirred Sleeveless Dress

Classic LBD. Wear it anywhere. 

DVF Zarita Lace Dress

This comes in like a million colors, looks extremely flattering, and chances are you'll see five different versions of dresses like this. But don't let that stop you.

Elizabeth and James Lela Cutout Dress

Cute color, even cuter if you're tan. The cutouts are great assuming you're not bulging out of them. You're supposed to be saving the whales, not looking like one.

Naven 2 Tone Bombshell Circle Dress

We recommend this one for a more casual event targeted at the younger philanthropic crowd. Unless you enjoy having men of your grandfather's age staring down your dress. 

Aubrey Sequined Silk Dress by Parker

Love the metallic combined with the halter neckline. Perfect for that edgy charity event where Bono's there wearing sunglasses trying to promote iPads for Africa or like, water.

Elizabeth and James Levinson Sheer Yoke Dress

Very cute but only if you can pull it off to make it look chic and not like a nicegirl. Style with a pair of gorg sparkly earrings and big smokey eyes.

Diane von Furstenburg Achava Embellished Dress

We promise, this photo does not do this dress justice. It looks extremely chic in person despite looking like something Lady Gaga would wear in the photo. Google it, seriously.

Renzo + Kai Beaded Cami Flapper Dress

If you happen to be raising money to support a moonshine company, this dress will be perfectly in theme. 

Reiss Lace Bodice Katlun Dress

For the sophisticated betch.

Jay Godfrey Mesh Neck Stress Crepe Dress

Perfect if you don't want to look slutty from far away, but you do want to look slutty up close.


Shoes & Accessories

Valentino Rockstud T-Strap Pump

If your dad can afford these, you have no excuse not to buy them.

Jeffrey Campbell Rapture Pump

Love. The. Green.

Dolce Vita Kadyn Pump

In case you just landed from visiting a foreign country and your cankles are not in check, these are perfect.

Leanna Earrings via Adam Marc 

Remember when we mentioned pairing your dress with big sparkly earrings? Try these.

Vince Camuto Horn Clutch

The only downside of a clutch being that you have to actually like, not lose it.
Courtney Ring via Adam Marc
Perfect for when you want to make a statement like, my fingers are so fucking chic they're wrapped in diamonds.


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