How To Dress For Passover & Easter When The Weather Is Being Psycho

Honestly, spring is the absolute worst season to dress for. For some reason, everyone expects you to wear gross stuff like colors and floral prints, despite the fact that black is, and always will be, the only acceptable color. Plus, the weather is as unpredictable as the answer you’ll give your roommate when she invites you to drink on a Tuesday (you never know whether or not your desire to sleep or your desire to drink will be stronger on any given day). Because none of us are meteorologists or Karen Smith, we have no idea what the weather will be like during all of the spring holidays. Like, yeah sure there’s literally an app on your phone that tells you the weather every day, but who remembers to check it? In case it’s freezing, or you end up at the home of a menopausal relative who cranks the AC no matter what season it is, here’s what to wear in spring so you dont have to be that one person who is always complaining about how cold they are.

1. A Non-Wintery Sweater

Obviously, when it’s cold, all you want to do is wear a giant sweater and avoid talking to people. Unfortunately, you can probably only get away with one of those things on Easter and Passover. To avoid looking the exact same as you did in all of your drunk winter holiday Snapchats, go for a sweater that’s definitely warm and cozy, but with a spring-ish silhouette, like this off-the-shoulder sweater from Aritzia.

Wilfred Free Faretta sweater

2. A Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are like, the ultimate power betch outfit because they show that you’re the kind of person who is confident enough to get completely naked everytime you have to go to the bathroom. A velvet jumpsuit is the ideal thing to wear for one of the last cold occasions of the season because it’s not like, so wintery that you’ll look like you shouldn’t be allowed to dress yourself, but it’ll probably be one of the last times you can wear it. Think of it like you’re hooking up with your college boyfriend during alumni weekend. Like, he’s not the worst, but you’re pretty much a grown-up now and this is the last acceptable time to do it, so you’re kind of obliged to.

Madewell velvet cami jumpsuit

3. Printed Pants

I know I literally just said floral prints are disgusting, but every rule (besides thou shalt not Instagram two selfies in a row) has a few exceptions. These black cigarette pants won’t make it look like the Lilly Pulitzer agenda you bought but never wrote anything down in came back to haunt you. You can pair the right printed pant with plenty of warm layers, like a black turtleneck, and still look like you’re vaguely aware of the fact that it’s April.

Topshop floral cigarette pants