How To Day Drink Without Hating Yourself

As we head into spring and summer, day drinking is an essential betch activity.  There is nothing worse, however, than being hungover at 8pm because you drank too much Fireball at the pool. Here's some advice to make your next dage more enjoyable.

It's incredibly important to pace yourself.  If you're going to be drinking for at least a few hours, there's no reason to drink four beers in the first 30 minutes.  You obviously don't want to be the bitch that's like passed out in her lounge chair, so make smart decisions.

Unless you have a stomach of steel, you should also probably pick one thing to drink and stick to that for the whole day.  That vodka drink isn't such a good idea after you just drank your weight in margarita at lunch.  And obviously go easy on the beer, because calories.

Maybe the most crucial thing is avoiding the evening hangover.  If possible, take a nap while you're still wasted so your body does something cool and sciency and flushes out the alcohol while you're asleep.  After you wake up, alternate drinking water and wine so you stay tipsy and hydrated.


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