How To Copy Kim Kardashian's 'Conceal Bake Brighten' Technique For Under $20

ICYMI, Kim Kardashian dropped the now sold-out KKW BEAUTY Concealer Kits last Thursday. The kits cost 80 bucks (or $18 for each individual item) and include concealer, baking powder, brightening powder, and two brushes to help achieve Kim’s signature three-step concealing method that she developed with her OG makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. Beauty bloggers are calling it the “conceal bake brighten” method, and just like anything Kim does, conceal bake brighten is extra but it supposedly really works.

“The three-step process is what Mario and I have perfected after working together all of these years. It’s been our routine, so I wanted to introduce to people how I really do my concealer to cover up my dark circles and spots, which helps me feel and look my best.” Kim said in a press release. Speaking of Mario, the KKW Concealer Kit launch came right before the duo announced that they’re set to drop even more KKW BEAUTY products on April 5th with the KKW x Mario collection.

If you’re sitting there wondering how one could have a three-step process just for concealing, take a look at the bright, blank canvas underneath Kim’s eyes at all times and you have your answer. Then go take a nap because even the thought of requiring three separate steps just to conceal is exhausting. To properly use the kit to cover up even the most sleep-deprived eyes, first, apply the liquid concealer under the eyes and blend with the sponge end of the Concealer Brush I. Then, again using the sponge end of Concealer Brush I, apply the baking powder to set the under eyes and then brush away the excess powder with the fluffy brush end of that same brush. At this point, you may consider popping an Adderall to get through a regimen that is more complicated than my current diet and exercise routine.

To brighten, use the fluffy brush end of Concealer Brush II to apply the brightening powder under the eyes, and finally, use the rounded brush end of Concealer Brush II to apply a more concentrated amount of brightening powder to the inner corner of the eye for optimum brightness. Then go take another nap. JK, you’ll ruin that concealer you just spent hours applying. It is at this point that you wonder if it’s even worth it, before concluding that it probably isn’t but you’ll do it anyway, just because Kim is doing it.

We know what you’re thinking: yet another Kardashian-Jenner beauty product invented for the sole purpose of making that family even richer and you even poorer?? What is money to them at this point anyway? After you get a few million, doesn’t any amount of money after that just feel like an abstraction? Okay, so maybe only I was thinking that. You’re probably wondering if you actually NEED Kim Kardashian’s concealer kit. I mean, we’ll let you Google what Kim looks like without concealer versus with full glam and let you decide for yourself if the products really work.

So if you’re sold on the idea of going from raccoon eyes to bright-eyed and bushy tailed, you can add your email to the waiting list on KKW Beauty’s site so you can be notified when the kits are back in stock. The kits offer a decent range of shades for most skin tones (though it’s no FENTY beauty): 16 liquid concealers, four baking powders and four brightening powders. 

However, if you want to channel Kim’s brightly concealed eyes while still having money for happy hour this week, we’ve rounded up a few cheaper dupes below that work just as well.

To Conceal

NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer Wand

The key to concealing like Kim is to go with a concealer with heavy coverage (she doesn’t hide those dark pigmented under eye circles with light coverage), so opt for a medium-full coverage concealer like NYX’s. This creamy $4 formula goes on smooth so it is buildable without the flakiness.

To Bake

Cover FX Illuminating Setting Powder Mini

The difference between the baking powder and the setting powder is the baking powder is a silky, lightweight loose powder that is slightly more pigmented, and the brightening powder is an illuminating, velvety pressed powder. For a baking powder to create that smooth, bright under eye at a fraction of the KKW cost, reach for Cover FX’s Illuminating Setting Powder that will leave you with a radiant finish for just 10 bucks.

To Brighten

E.L.F. Prime & Stay Finishing Powder

For a pressed pigmented setting powder with a velvety finish like KKW’s, E.L.F.’s Prime & Stay brightens your look while locking in your makeup. What’s more? This dupe for the final step to makeup Mario’s magical three-step process will only put you back $2, so you’ll have plenty of money leftover to actually show off your flawless face on Saturday night.

Images: Courtesy of Full Picture (3); NYX; Cover FX; e.l.f.