How To Call Out A Friend For Lying

Betches don’t put up with shit, and especially not being lied to. Obviously a little embellishing is whatever, but when you run into a friend that is straight out lying, sometimes you want to call her out.

There are two types of lies. First is when a person lies to make herself look better and the second is when a person lies and makes you look bad. The first one is usually lying about shit that didn’t actually happen and the second is usually lying about something that actually happened. Example – lying about hanging out with a celeb is the former and lying about not hooking up with a bro is the latter.

While both are equally annoying, they’re obviously different situations. If your friend is lying about something she didn’t do like “Yeah we hung out with Edelman last night and I totally made out with him” just casually call her out right away.  “Lol no, I was with you the whole time, we took a selfie with him and spoke for 30 seconds.” Assuming this is a friend you somewhat care about, calling her out as soon as the lie happens is like sparing her from more shit talking later. Giving her the benefit of the doubt that she like, just got carried away in the moment.

If a friend is lying to you about a bro, she’s probably not a great friend. But we’ll just assume you have your shit handled and whatever the situation is, you’re like on top of it. There’s no better way to call out a liar than to literally confront her and call her out. When we say confront, we mean like, tell her what happened, not ask. Don’t get emotional, and that includes being angry or sad.  Instead of “You told me nothing happened with Brad, were you telling the truth? How could you!?” and then bursting into tears, you can call her out by saying “You slept with Brad. Kinda sucks you lied about it.” The only thing that intimidates liars is the truth.

What if your friend is lying behind your back? Betches don’t really give AF if other people talk shit, because our personalities speak for themselves.  But if you’re in an unfortunate backstabbing situation, then take care of it right away. Confront and unfriend her before shit gets out of hand. It’ll be hard for other people to believe something about you is true if their source is someone you’re not actually friends with.  Like let people know she’s shady AF and get on with your life.

Regardless of the situation, sometimes you’ll meet people who think they can make shit up to you and get away with it. The best way to handle it is shove the truth in their face and move on.  Get your own tree, betches don't share shade.


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