How To Brand Yourself Via Social Media

No betch is a stranger to marketing. In fact, many a betch does it for a living. And since every betch’s favorite topic is herself, there’s no denying her fine-tuned skill at developing her own personal brand. Personal branding is the detailed process of making a unique image and reputation for yourself in your peers’ minds via social media. It capitalizes on the fact the fact that we all consider ourselves celebrities in our own right and points out to our grandparents, boss, and ourselves (if you’re a self-aware individual) everything that is wrong with our generation.

Personal branding is up-and-coming in the sense that you can’t take “Personal Branding through the Decades” yet as a blow off college elective, but very much happening in that you’ve been doing it since your very first photo. Does the lighting in this incubator wash me out? 

These days, it’s always important for advertisers to be transparent, and if you’re a betch this is nothing but a good thing. Since your life is already amazeballs, you don’t need to do any bullshitting or exaggerating to look fucking amazing on social media. You just need an enhanced filter.

A solid personal brand is nothing without a marketing strategy. This is when personal branding gets deep. You have to pause and ask yourself: Who am I? Really? Then you have to convey that on your Instagram of the beach sunset. The proper media mix is also key. It’s all about using the right amount of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and maybe Pinterest or Twitter if you’re, like into that. Unless you’re on vaca or like, a freshman in college, most betches will find it appropriate to drop an Insta weekly, a Facebook update bimonthly and a profile picture change biannually. It’s important to not overlook details like primetime either, the time of day when everyone’s scrolling their feeds and you’re gonna get a shit ton of likes.

So betches, remember—when it comes to your personal brand—be funny, be relevant, don’t be fucking annoying, and try to still get a job afterwards. Or just delete your Facebook account and move to Bali. That sounds a lot simpler.


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