How To Be Earnest Without Being A Nice Girl

Nobody wants to be a nice girl, we can all agree on that. But being a cold hearted bitch can also be off putting. So we’re here to tell you how to be earnest and like, a human person without coming off like a nice girl.

Being earnest in the right situations is endearing, like at an awards gala when you’re the person being honored. People like seeing celebrities being genuine, because it makes them relatable. In the same way, when you feel overcome by gratitude for the people in your life, you can thank them and everyone will see what a humble person you are.

You might wonder what the difference between trying too hard and being a little honest is. The line is thin but it’s divided by intention. Nice girls are nice because they’re afraid what people think. A nice girl lets people walk all over her because she doesn’t have a backbone, and when she pays people compliments it’s a thinly veiled attempt to get people to like her. A betch can be earnest, but you do so out of generosity, not out of fear. You’re giving everyone the gift of your honesty, and you’re not afraid of people liking you because duh, they already do.

The earnest interaction with a betch is not a privilege for everyone. It’s a rare occasion in which every participant realizes they’re being given an opportunity.  When a betch opens up, everyone benefits. Whereas the nice girl interaction is an everyday occurrence. Nice girls are always nice because they care what you think and don’t want to come off rude.

So if you find yourself getting caught up in a spiral of emotions, you can express yourself without being a nice girl. That’s because while nice girls are nice on the surface, betches are kind deep down. Even if we don’t always show it.


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