How To: Be Better Than Everyone Else

With summer coming to an end and fall being right around the corner, change is inevitable. Whether it’s your wardrobe, the color of your hair or the switch from iced to hot coffee on your way to work, every true Betch knows that nothing is forever. Whether you’re going back to school or continuing on that nine to five work schedule, there’s bound to be some unfamiliar faces on your stomping ground. Here’s how to maintain the title of HBIC in all of your domains.

1. Sometimes kissing up isn’t the worst idea

Although no one likes a teacher’s pet, nothing bad has ever come from being on the good side of your boss. Prompt arrivals, and putting in extra work at the beginning of a month can not only set the bar for yourself, but it can show all of your competition that you mean business.

2. Stay on top of trends

As the seasons change, one of the first things to go with them are articles of clothing. It doesn’t matter if you’re in an office or walking to class, what you wear says a lot about you to your co-workers and peers. Shorts season is coming to an end ladies and there’s nothing worse than the girl who doesn’t know when to stop pulling out those daisy dukes.

3. Mark your territory

You’re back at school for your senior year and it’s your first night out. As you’re walking up to your group of guy friends a drunk freshman trips over you and into the arms of the bro you kind of sort of had a thing with last semester and uses it as her way “in”. Make sure you chill with “your boys” in clear sight of any new faces to make sure they know the deal.

4. Always be in the loop

There’s nothing like a new girl joining your crew and knowing more about your friends plans than you do.  Suggest a few options for the weekend, then take charge and plan the activities yourself.

5. Switch up your scent

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the one thing I always remember about a person is their scent. Whether it’s good or bad, from that point on whenever I come across that scent, I immediately think of said person. If you show up to your work place flaunting an amazing new fragrance, there’s no way you won’t be bombarded with people asking you what you’re wearing and where to get it.

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