How To Be a Betch The Rebel Way

So Rebel Wilson is back on camera, and for the first time she's taking on the small screen. Now we're obvi pumped to see Rebel mess stuff up on a night out, since for some reason she's spent the past thirteen years staying in with her friends. But in the spirit of Rebel taking on some betchy habits and actually going out for a change, we're going to let you in on a few things you can learn from her character Kimmie about how to do a night out right.

1. Be Awkward, but own it. Sure most betches are poised and have perfected their graceful yet intimidating 'don't talk to me' faces over the years, but then there's the occasional betch who's just awkward. If that's you, like it is Kimmie, it's best to just own it. It's like, whatever. Don't pretend to be someone you're not. Just justify every awkward statement you make with a signifier about masking your discomfort with humor!

2. Never leave a bestie behind. Sure, party fouls happen, and we may accidentally abandon friends in places like clubs or bars when we may have had too much to drink, but this rule doesn't hold up if you're going out with your BFF. No matter if you're the only friend hot enough to get past the bouncer or what kind of cute pro tries to pick you up, a true betch always has her bestie's back.

3. Always keep an eye out for any pro with a British accent. This one's pretty self explanatory. In Kimmie's case, the hot pro is her co-worker making it even easier to distract herself from doing actual work.

4. Sometimes do actual work, but like, only so you seem really impressive. Kimmie's a lawyer, making her a power betch, but we think the start of her super fun nights might make her reassess some of her priorities. Coming into work with a hangover? We sense some good plot material.

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