How Mercury Retrograde Will F*ck With Every Sign's Finances

Whether you believe Mercury retrograde is real, or just use it as an excuse to cancel plans and something you blame your problems on, Mercury is retrograde until November 20. If you believe in astrology, that means you might experience miscommunications, issues with tech, and general clumsiness and mishaps. It can also affect your finances, and many people try not to make big spending decisions during this astrological mess of a time. But not all of us can just not spend money for a three-week period just because one planet is moving backwards, so we consulted MassMutual to give advice on how Mercury retrograde will affect your sign, and how you should deal with it.



Rather than reaping the benefits of online financial systems like Paypal, don’t rely on these platforms while Mercury is in retrograde. (Take a few deep breaths if you pictured Venmo suddenly not working like I just did). Double-check that your bills were paid on time, and keep cash on-hand in case online payment systems malfunction. The key for you these next few days is due diligence and being flexible to adapt to technology malfunctions.


you need to calm down

Taylor Swift really said it best: “you need to calm down”. Since Mercury being retrograde may set your temper through the roof, it’s best to acknowledge that patience is your friend these next few weeks. In this “culture of impatience,” do not get discouraged, set smaller financial goals, allow yourself to indulge a bit, and cut yourself some slack. 



This will be an emotional few weeks for Cancers—and that’s not taking into account prepping to have every relative bombard you at the Thanksgiving table with questions on why you’re still single. It’s easier said than done, but try not to let your emotions get the best of you these next few weeks, especially when it comes to financial decisions. The best way to navigate this time period is to reframe your money-sabotaging emotions like anxiety, jealousy, and regret, and instead turn these into opportunities to self-reflect and let go of what you cannot control.


i'm on a budget

Rather than letting Mercury retrograde and other external factors impact your daily tasks, regain control by calculating your expenses and trimming the fat when it comes to your overall spending. By getting the control back in your hands and being able to determine your own success and security, Capricorns won’t just survive the retrograde, but they will thrive.


i'm breezy

Gemini is one of the few signs that is built for a Mercury retrograde (and for that, we are all jealous). Continue staying flexible and adapting when there’s a financial roadblock or challenge. Rather than dwelling on decisions you regret, stay open-minded and remember that cultivating your financial knowledge will help you overcome challenges as well as positively shape your financial future. 



Don’t let this retrograde be your bummer anthem (and please don’t throw a tantrum), because Taurus still have time to make it through this retrograde on top. Stick to a financial plan as closely as possible, and keep in mind that this is not the time to make impulsive money decisions. It’s best to wait out this retrograde before making any major purchases or deciding that it’s time to splurge on a vacation that you’ve been carefully saving up for.



Prepare, prepare, prepare. It’s going to be best to put extra effort into staying on track with your monthly budget, so keep your receipts, give yourself a weekly allowance and overestimate your necessary expenses. Taking proactive and careful measures like this will keep you on the right financial track.


frond to the ond

Do not let Mercury retrograde come between you and your family—or BFFs, especially since a recent MassMutual survey shows that 71% of Americans include close friends in their personal definition of family. Whether it’s discussing monthly spending with your BFF or chatting about the cost of your upcoming college reunion trip, it’s best to tackle these conversations in-person. Technology can be very spotty during this time, and it’s best to have your receipts printed and prepared when going into these not-so-fun financial conversations.



A person’s intuition is one of the most powerful forces… right behind Mercury retrograde. Even though your intuition is one of your strongest drivers, your “gut instinct” may be off during Mercury retrograde, so be extra careful. During this time, stick to a financial plan rather than intuition when it comes to spending choices and making major financial decisions. And, consider tapping into your community, as one of our studies showed that people more involved in their communities are likely to have greater financial security. 


First of all, take a deep breath. This retrograde cycle may test you, but preparing for the best course of action will allow you to continue your “go, go, go” mindset. Prepare a plan B when traveling, and leave early for appointments to prepare for transportation and mechanical failures. With extra transit time, knock out small financial to-dos such as paying your bills during your lengthier commutes, because #efficiency.


no ragrets

Stay the course financially, because your conservative approach when it comes to money will do you well while Mercury is in retrograde. Continue to stay cautious, stick to your financial goals, and save rather than spend. Build your wealth, not your #ragrets.



Grab your planner or spreadsheet, because this will be your saving grace. Even though you try to avoid chaos and uncertainty as much as possible, it may be tougher to escape it during Mercury retrograde. Therefore, write down all your upcoming deadlines and set alerts to keep the order. Closely manage your bills to ensure no late fees come up unexpectedly and keep up with routine maintenance to catch (and pay for) problems while they’re still small. Cutting clutter, especially the financial kind, truly makes such a difference in your day.

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