How Many Guys Is It Acceptable To Hook Up With Before Graduating High School? Dear Betch…

Hello Betches,

I have a friend who is in my grade and has hooked up with a huge number of guys (like 80 something). We are only 17 (juniors in high school). I was wondering how many guys you think it is acceptable for a girl to hook up with before graduating high school (and for future reference college).


Dear Jailbait,

Okay, I'm praying that my “hooked up” you mean “made out” or maybe like some over-the-pants shit TOPS, because where would you even find 80 guys to have sex with before you're even a legal adult? How big is your high school?

If we are talking about sex, I think your friend should get some therapy. I did some quick calculations and in order to do that much damage in such a short amount of time you'd have to have banged, like, almost 2 different guys a month since the time you were 13 (1.67 to be exact). That is some Chris Brown level shit and frankly it's harrowing. Commenters, feel free to point out my math mistakes on this considering the last time I took a math class was in 2009.

For the sake of my sanity, let's assume we're talking about making out, to which my answer is: Nobody fucking cares. Keeping a tally of all the guys whose lips you've touched with your lips is, to put it accurately, a very juvenile thing to do. It's also unnecessary because nobody will ever ask you for that number because, again, nobody fucking cares.

If you do mean sex partners (kill me), there isn't a magic number because it kind of goes up with time/age and as you get older people know better than to ask you that shit. But if your friend really is going into college with 80 dicks under her belt, she should probably keep that shit under wraps tbh. Blah blah, slut shaming, blah blah, double standard, honestly, if I was a teenage boy about to get my dick wet and I heard my new partner had slept with ALMOST A HUNDRED other dudes before she could even legally vote, I'd nope right the fuck out of there purely out of concern I'd catch a disease or five.

Kids these days.

The Betches

P.S. I am almost 100% certain your friend is lying to try to sound cool.


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