A Farewell to How I Met Your Mother

Like omg you guys, we finally witnessed how Ted met the mother. It only took a decade. All the clues that led up to this point converged during that one fateful moment at the Farhampton train platform — Ted decided to leave his best friends’ wedding inexplicably early to wait at the station for a really long time and talk to an old lady because the train was really late instead of go back to the party where the mother was also standing alone without any of her instruments or band members — it was destiny. But apparently the jokes on us because this may have been how he met the mother, but this wasn’t how he met his 2nd wife. But before we get into our thoughts on the finale, it’s important that we say goodbye to the show that at times was admittedly stupid but for the most part was legen —  don’t even wait for it.

YES: most of the guest stars

James Vanderbeek

Robin’s ex boyfriend, hottest Canadian ever. Sandcastles in the Sand. 

Jessica from Homeland as Crazy Eyes

Appears in one of the funniest episodes of HIMYM history, Swarley, also defines the girl with the crazy eyes. We all know that girl.

Britney Spears


NO: dragging out the plot line

“And that kids, is how I fucked your mother’s roommate with her yellow umbrella. Oh shit I mean I just 'left it there.'

That shit was so annoying. Every other episode barely moved a centimeter in the plot of how Ted met the mother. If I were the kids I would have left the room by season 3.

How Ted’s stories really went:

“And that kids, doesn’t exactly have anything to do with how I met your mother but I did eat a really salty pretzel yesterday. Must say was a bit stale though.”


YES: recurring jokes

Slap bet: Not only one of the (or debatably THE) best episode of HIMYM but also one of the best jokes. Marshall throws a mean slap.

Swarley: We started nick naming our friends annoying shit after this. 

Making fun of Canada: Self explanatory

NO: how big of a pussy ted is

Ted's a romantic blah blah blah but really he’s such a loser. It’s sad, really…really really sad. I know you’re saying aww but it’s Ted, he just wants to find love. Tell us, who has this grand plan to move to Chicago …leaves his BFFs’ wedding early because they’re moving to Chicago… and then decides to stay because he meets a girl?! Just stop.

YES: Everything Bro aka Neil Patrick Harris

The sheer amount of bro puns made in 9 years is undeniably impressive.

NO: The later seasons / painfully corny at times (many)

The first two seasons were so fucking funny it was a workout to watch the show. The show remained pretty good until somewhere in the middle it just stopped being funny and was sort of boring mixed with bad and corny. Omg you can’t even get us started with the corny. Prime example: during the finale when Ted is on the phone with the mother Lily makes this annoying face that’s like “this time it’s different” or some shit like “he’s never been in love like this before.” It really hurt.

YES YES YES Robin Sparkles

Everyone has a life changing moment, this was ours:

The Finale (spoilers, fucking duh)

We can all agree that there was so much jammed into the finale. They went from Robin and Barney married to Robin and Barney divorced, Ted meeting the mother, Robin disappearing from their lives for years then realizing she loves Ted, to the Mother casually dying, to everyone having a shit ton of kids, to Lily changing her hairstyle 76 times, to Ted and Robin getting together. There was a lot, but in actuality the finale was done fairly well (with some exceptions). Here’s why:

Since the kids taped the finale scene 9 years ago (they would have looked like adults by now) we know this was the plan all along. So this entire time what we thought was Ted’s romantic / pathetic search for the 'one' aka the Mother was really the story of Robin’s change of heart. Which is sort of even better. Like, just because they introduce the mother in the last / second to last season didn’t make her any less arbitrary. That is of course how life really is but in a television show, especially one with extensive musical interludes, it’s just not as satisfying to know that Ted lives happily ever after with what seems to us as a total rando and not his love from the first season, Robin. Sucks the mom had to die for Ted to end up with her, though.

Best part of the finale: Robin’s blue dress, and maybe the closing credits with the cast looking super young.

the exceptions:

Barney’s baby: With the track record Barney has one would think he’s had many pregnancy scares before. But because this is the finale, finally one decides to keep it and tell him about it? And he’s like cool with it? Basically they’re saying if a guy has sex with 31 women in 31 days his chances of having sex with a baby crazy woman are 100%.

Ted’s hair: Why is Ted a grandpa by the end?

The opening scene flashback: OMG were they serious? They made them look so much bad that I thought it was a flash forward instead of a flashback to when they first met Robin. And Lily was the WORST.

There's a lot we didn't discuss but that's for you to do in the comments. Like, who was your favorite guest star? Katy Perry? Lucy Hale? Kumar? (But like he actually sucked) Go for it. Okayyyy fine — DARY.


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