How Do I Talk To Guys Soberly Without Being Awkward? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I have an issue with feeling awkward in class and sometimes in public when around guys. Whenever a boy comes up to me that is nice and whatever I always feel flustered and cannot have a good conversation with them. I get super self conscious of myself even if I look hot as fuck that day. It is so annoying because I'm a pro at flirting and getting guys when I am at parties but when I'm sober in class I completely lose my grip. Hot guys also flirt with me over social media and are probably weirded out by how awkward I get. I want to be able to flirt and get a hot pro to want me leading up to when I see them at a party. Please help a betch out!


An awkward betch

Dear An Awkward Betch,

I think your problem here is that you’re overthinking it. When you have conversations with cute guys in class or in public, you build it up in your head and get really nervous and wind up not saying anything or saying something weird because it becomes high pressure. To incorrectly quote the 40 Year Old Virgin, you’re putting the penis on a pedestal.

The best thing to do is think of these encounters is to act like you would when encountering a friend or a random girl you’re meeting or something. Just try to not think of them as a boy you’re potentially trying to hook up with/date and just a person you’re having a friendly conversation with. If you take the sexual element out of it it will be much easier to be friendly and normal and not say things like grool when Aaron Samuels invites you to his Halloween party. Better not to be overly flirtatious anyway and let them chase you a little bit. Practice makes perfect and the more you put yourself out there and do things as simple as smiling at a guy, the easier it will become.


The Betches

PS: Don’t flirt with guys over social media, have them do the chivalrous thing and text you like a normal person.


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