How Do I Deal With A Guy That Blocked Me On Instagram? Dear Betch…

Dear Head Betches,

Ok, literally I have a life problem that needs to be addressed on this site. You’ve written about how not to be the crazy, obsessive one on social media. What do you make of this situation?

My fiancé is good friends with this guy (we were engaged before they were friends) who has a legitimate crush on me, and (I’m assuming) since I mostly ignore him, has blocked me on insta. I may or may not have said something offensive on our last big group night out when I was drunk, since he blocked me the day after, but I’m not entirely sure and I really don’t care. What’s the protocol when you’re blocked by a crazy? Block back? Ignore? I feel like this situation could totally apply to girls too.


Blocked Betch

Dear Blocked Betch,

First of all, I can’t believe that someone considering a tit for tat Instagram blocking situation actually thinks they’re mature enough to be getting married. Regardless, your non-issue here seems pretty simple if you think about it.

You claim that this guy has a legitimate crush on you, which if true probably means that blocked you on Instagram so he wouldn’t have to see pictures of you since you’re engaged to his friend and therefore never going to date/have sex with him. Seeing these pictures probably makes him upset/uncomfortable so he prefers to cut the cord that ties him to you in cyber space. To block him back seems weird/unusual/uneccessary since you (claim) he means nothing to you even though you immediately noticed that he blocked you. While it’s possible you said something rude to him, odds are unless he’s 10 years old or a huge pussy he’s not retaliating by making a statement via social media.

The protocol when it comes to anyone who has blocked you is to not give a shit. When you block or unfollow someone on social media or in real life, it has less to do with the person and more to do with your own feelings. This guy is obviously trying to not get worked up and keep his feelings stable and seeing pictures that you post/like reminds him of you and gets him worked up. To say or do anything would be to imply hat you care more than you do/should so just let it go and maybe stop being such a bitch to this poor guy who’s obviously obsessed with you.


The Betches


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