How Do I Deal With A Friend Betrayal? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

I'll start off like this: Me and my best friend, I'll leave her name as A (cause why not name your bff after a masked psycho), have been friends for 8 years. We have always been friends but sometimes she can be fake. And especially around this one bitchy bitch, aka SOS (Spawn of Satan) who I happen to really fucking hate, and boys, and certain types of people etc, etc., she is a really horrible fake snotty bitch.

Example: Me, her and this guy had made plans to go get lunch together. After the day was over me and A walked to the corner to wait for this guy. This guy had the fucking nerve to bring SOS along even though he knows I despise her. A immediately changed her fucking attitude and ran over to them, hugging the SOS. I walked over subtly while me and SOS burned holes into each others heads.

SOS had never even mentioned she was tagging along but she had the fucking nerve to act like she and A were bffs and had made plans on this day ever since they were fetuses. Here is basically how the convo went:

A: Hey ugly fatass (to me), are you still going to come cause we don't really want you here.

Guy: Oh my god! Don't say that!

SOS: *giggles like the fucking devil she is*

A: One sec.

A proceeds to grab the guy’s hand and lead them to the corner. I thought they were going to talk but I look back and they run off. So now I'm left on the street corner, alone, humiliated and confused.


A Sad Betch

Dear Ms. Sad,

First things first, I am going to write this assuming you are 12 years old (so I’ll fucking try to hold back on the foul language) because if this is what high school is like these days god help us.

But anyways, honey, I hate to break it to ya but A and SOS are not the odd ones out here, you are. You are the one that they are trying to extract from the group.

I know your first instinct is to freak out and deny this (mostly because you are 12), but you can’t. The writing is on the wall. First, you mention that A gets all happy and bitchy when she is around SOS and guys and then you go through this whole dinner episode, where they “run off”. But look, the only move here is to just cut yourself out from this whole scene, you need new friends, these people are babies. And hopefully that will be easy because you’ll be moving up to the big kids school next year anyways.


The Betches

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