How Are Your Conflict Resolution Skills?: Weekly Horoscopes February 15-19

This week, hard-ass Saturn clashes with rebellious Uranus, meaning we’re all going to be fighting duel urges. On the one hand, you are feeling ready to tackle your inbox, take on your to-do list, and crush it in corporate America. On the other hand, you’re seriously considering buying a plot of land to live off of with a handful of your closest friends. See you on the commune!


This week is about boundaries, Aries. People might be testing your limits, either at home or at work, meaning now is the time to set a hard line. Repeat after me: no emails after 6pm, no Facetimes without warning, and for the love of god, do NOT contact me while I am watching The Bachelor. It’s not that hard.


Be prepared for some conflicts of interest this week, Taurus, as the planets will definitely have you feeling pulled in two different directions. Try to limit all-or-nothing thinking and see if there isn’t a compromise. We promise there is middle ground between “taking an Adderall and working until 5am” and “taking a hit of weed and sleeping for 12 hours.” Find it.


Time to lose some of that baggage, Gemini! This week is all about finally dumping what doesn’t serve you and releasing the negative energy that is holding you in the past. Yes, your ex from college is still a dick. No, that girl from high school shouldn’t have been rude to you at lunch that one time. But it’s time to let these things go. I promise you the people you’re mad at have.


Put a freeze on your to-do list, Cancer! Your in danger of overextending seriously yourself this week, and it’s only Tuesday! And yesterday was a federal holiday! You need to chill and remember to leave some “me time” in that busy schedule. Also don’t forget to eat. And drink water. Those things are important too.


Literally anyone else take the wheel! It’s time for you to let go of control, Leo, even if you’re 100% sure you know what’s best. Stop trying to dictate other people’s lives, and resist the urge to tell people what to do. Yes, your advice is amazing, but it’s no use to people who don’t want to hear it. Also, nobody asked you. Just saying…


Stupid, stupid, stupid! Your inner critic is in overdrive this week, but you have the tools to tell that b*tch to STFU. Don’t let anyone, even yourself, tear you down. Practice combatting negative thoughts with specific positive ones. Like, instead of saying “I look terrible today,” say, “wow, these sweatpants are actually quite fetching on me,” and see how that makes you feel.


Are you taking crazy pills? Or is everyone else? You may find that people are trying to drag you into drama that you have no interest in this week. It’ll be your job to stay above the fray. Leave people on read, turn the phone off, and set clear boundaries. If you need petty drama, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion still has two whole parts left.


Have you been social distancing a little too much? Like, does anyone know you’re alive right now? If you’ve been taking your government mandated hibernation to the extreme, make a concerted effort this week to reignite your social life. Safely, of course. Set up a Zoom hang or a socially distanced meetup with a friend. Humans are social creatures, Scorpio. Act like it.


This week has you on the brink of some major revelations, but not all of them are gonna be pretty. Are you ready for a few hard truths? Like that your house is a mess, your inbox is chaos, and no one has known what the hell you’re talking about in the group chat for weeks? Sorry…too harsh?


With your ruler Saturn battling it out with Uranus in the heavens, you might find yourself duking it out with someone here on Earth. Are you inadvertently causing issues? I know you’re objectively right in all matters, but are there places where you could be fanning the flames of conflict where you don’t need to? (Hint: the answer is yes)


You might find it hard to feel grounded this week with your co-rulers Saturn and Uranus both wanting to take charge of your life. But the only person who rules you, is you. Take time to meditate, drink some tea, light a candle, or other grounding rituals to help keep your head out of the clouds. It’s cold af up there anyway.


Mindfulness is key for you this week as your thoughts may have have a habit of moving way, way, way ahead of you. When your mind is racing, take a few deep breaths to bring things back to the now. No need to spend so much time in the future, you’re not a time traveler.

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Alise Morales
Alise Morales
Alise Morales is a comedy writer and performer. She is the writer of the Betches Sup Newsletter and co-host of the Betches Sup Podcast.