The Hottest TV Dads Of The 2000s Who Low-Key Gave Us Daddy Issues

At this point you’re probs well aware that Father’s Day is this weekend. And if you weren’t, you’re fucking welcome because I just saved you a really awkward convo with dad where you have to pretend you forgot his gift at home, and didn’t actually forget about him entirely. But if you think I’m about to tell you what to get him too, think again. You’re on your own there, hoss. Idk your dad. Figure that shit out yourself. Instead, I’m saluting the hottest TV dads of our fave shows from the 2000s because, ya know, Father’s Day. I’m sure Freud would have a fucking heyday.

1. Coach Eric Taylor

Back in our teenage betch days, Coach Taylor was the guy we all dreamed of locking down and making our baby daddy. He was probs the quarterback and prom king in high school, but instead of getting a beer gut when he went off to college, he stayed hot af and became the football coach at the local high school. Go Dillon Panthers!

Friday Night Lights

2. Sandy Cohen

Sandy Cohen is the classic personality guy, who’s around a 6 at first, but his personality makes him a solid 8. He had an insane eyebrow situation but with his shaggy black hair and killer smile, he knew how to make it work. He also thought it was sexy that his wife was a boss-ass betch who made more money than him, so bonus points for not being an archaic caveman who gives a shit about being the head of the household or whatever.

Sandy Cohen

3. Rufus Humphrey

Rufus’ starving-artist-in-Brooklyn-sad-puppy thing got a little old, but you can’t deny that he was pretty cute, especially for a dad. He always tried to do the right thing, but bless his heart, with a social-climbing son, a daughter with too much eyeliner and Lily’s indecisive ass, he could never catch a break. We still loved him though.

Rufus Humphrey

4. Dr. Sam Bennett

Tbh, I never watched Private Practice because it was just a low-rent version of Grey’s so I have no intel on what Dr. Sam Bennett was actually like. But like, he was played by Taye Diggs and had a kid so he gets a spot on the list. Fucking duh.

Sam Bennett

5. Jim Halpert

A lot like Sandy Cohen, Jim is on the list for his personality more than anything. He’s cute and all, but overall his looks are just meh. But his ability to be sarcastic, judgmental and hilarious all with one look at the camera takes his hot dad status off the charts.

Jim Halpert

6. Dr. McSteamy And Dr. McDreamy

I could have done these separately but, honestly, they’re both the same. First they both hooked up with Dr. Addison, but then ended up falling in love with sisters Meredith and Lexi. Plus, they’re both doctors and gray foxes. Boom. They’re the same. Dreamy had more of the attractive sensitive guy thing going for him, while Steamy was more of the sexy bad boy, but they were both superhot dads.

Greys Anatomy

7. Jax Teller

Sure, he was a murderer, but if you even try to say that Sons of Anarchy’s main dude wasn’t sexy af, you’re a fucking liar. So don’t @ me.

Jax Teller

8. Mike Delfino

I kinda forgot about Desperate Housewives, but before Andy Cohen dropped the reality TV version in my lap, it used to be my shit. And Mike Delfino was the hottest dad on the block. He was a single dad at first, and always had that brooding guy in the suburbs doing yardwork thing going for him. Anyone? No? Bueller?t

Mike Delfino