Hotter Version Of North West Added To The Kardashian Game

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian wants North West to be the hottest baby of all time. This isn’t for her daughter’s sake, of course. She just knows that every picture of North West is connected to her own image and since she is adamant about being the epitome of beauty and perfection, North West damn well better live up to all the hype.

Previously, Kim had posted a few pictures of North to her Instagram that had been photoshopped. The pictures featured a blue-eyed North West and were captioned: “Baby Wolfie #NoTheseAreNOTContacts #JustAnEditISawOnline.” To give Kim some credit, these edited photos do make North look like the most attractive baby of all time, but posting them made her look like a fucking psycho. Being Armenian and procreating with Kanye West gives her little to no chance of a light-eyed child, so she’s probably regretting ditching Kris Humphreys right about now.

Nevertheless, Kim was obviously so moved by these photos that she has created a new “unknown” family in the Kardashian game that features a cartoon version of the edited North. Since Kendall and Kylie were recently added to the game, it only makes sense that Kim would add her husband and child to the mix. The fucked up part of this whole thing, though, is it’s an extremely edited version of the West family. The dad looks nothing like Kanye besides his clothing (no goatee, green eyes wtf) and the mom doesn’t look much like Kim (light brown hair, blues eyes). The daughter, however, has her hair pulled back in typical Nori fashion and…you guessed it, blue eyes. Anyone with any level of vision can see it is not the West family, but given Kim’s history and preference of eye color, it seems like this is the family she always wanted (note the Kanye character’s jawline…a definite upgrade from the real-life Kanye).

Whether the photoshopped family is just a coincidence (it isn’t), I think one thing is pretty clear: no one is playing their game anyway.


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