10 Times HotelTonight Will Literally Save Your Life

If you’re fairly new at being a real adult, you’ve probably figured out that making travel arrangements is one of the most frustrating things in the world. The websites are always a pain in the ass, and making plans four months in advance just so you can get a better deal is the worst. That’s where HotelTonight comes in. This miracle app is all about last minute hotel deals, and they give you what you want, exactly when you want it.

We know you like to do things at the last minute, and HotelTonight has you covered. The app shows you the best deals on hotels up to one week in advance, but it’s no problem if you literally need to check in right now. That’s what it’s for. And don’t worry, it’s not just like, shitty motels and places in the middle of nowhere—they’ve got the top hotels in the biggest cities, and they can be yours in seconds.

HotelTonight is in basically every city, so if you ever find yourself stranded in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1) we’re so sorry, and 2) HotelTonight is here to save you. If you’re thinking wow, this sounds great, but when would I use it?, here are some real life situations when the power of HotelTonight could save you and still get you dope accommodations.

1. Family Holidays

We love our families, but we all need a break sometimes. If you’re not so into sleeping on the floor of your cousin’s room for a fourth night, HotelTonight is the way to go.

2. Bad Hookups

Going home with him seemed like a really good idea, but now you realize that he’s super drunk and literally wants you to be his wife. Not gonna happen. Break out HotelTonight and plot your escape.

3. Good Hookups 

If you meet someone when you’re out, but neither of you live in the ideal hosting situation, just bite the bullet and get a hotel. Your psycho roommate who has work at 6am will thank you.

4. Spontaneous Road Trips

Sometimes you just need to feed your Britney Spears in Crossroads fantasy, and we don’t blame you. HotelTonight is perfect if you don’t know exactly where you’ll be 12 hours from now.

5. You Fucked Up the Original Plans 

Planning is no fun, so it’s completely logical that you just forgot to book the hotel in the first place, or made the reservation for the wrong weekend. Your friends might yell at you, but you’ve still got it covered.

6. Camping Sucks 

You were at a music festival and camping sounded like an awesome idea three months in advance, but not so much anymore. You are a princess, and you deserve to sleep in a real bed inside a real building. No problem.

7. Power Outages 

If there’s a big storm and your power is out, your entire life is basically on hold. It’s hell. Find somewhere with internet and use HotelTonight to get back to civilization.

8. Staycations 

Maybe you’re having roommate problems, or maybe you just really need a break from your life. There’s nothing wrong with that, and HotelTonight will tell you where you can get pampered within 20 minutes of your house.

9. Hotel Problems 

You booked a hotel in advance, but the pictures online were definitely from Google Images 10 years ago. The roof looks like it might cave in, but rather than sticking around to find out, you should probably just hop on HotelTonight and move to greener pastures.

Get Out

10. Life Happens 

There are a million reasons to use HotelTonight, but chances are it’ll make your life a whole lot easier.