Hotels Made Out of Sandcastles Are a Thing

Got some no-more-summertime-sadness? Wish you could just spend your whole life drinking on a beach? Well these hotels in the Netherlands may have the solution. They are literally made out of sand. They are real life castles made of sand. These are def betches approved, making something that is going to just fade away if anything that sucks happens, i.e. rain, has a very I-DGAF-about-the-realities-of-life air to it and we like that.

The dope thing is that these are legit hotels, they have chic non-sand furnishing on the inside and come with all the standards, you know like hot water and wifi. And each room even comes with an intricate “sand carving”.

But if you want to go stay in these things you better hurry because they are closing in the next couple of weeks, however they plan to build them again next year and in more locations across Europe.

My only question about this is what kind of sand are they using? When I used to build sandcastles down on ACK, when I was 5, I could never build anything taller than like 6 inches because it was fucking sand and isn’t sturdy?!? 


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