This Hot Cheese Gun Will Help You Live Your Best Life

As a proud human dumpster girl woman, I’m always looking for ways to get creative with my food. Imagine my pure joy and excitement when Buzzfeed rolled out their latest (and possibly greatest) creation, the Fondoodler.

And while this sounds like the latest feeder-fetish sex toy, it’s actually a pretty innocent product that casually turns cheese into beautiful, molten spray goo. Yep, seriously. Stuff its barrel with whatever cheese you please and sit back as you watch it melt into a ribbon of gooey, cheesy perfection. 


Make your dreams come true with the Fondoodler, the hot glue gun for cheese.

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The Fondoodler is just one of many weird af, exhilarating creations made by Buzzfeed’s new product line, Buzzfeed Product Labs. According to the website, the Fondoodler uses a revolutionized “cheese propulsion valve” technology that allows the squirter complete control of their cheese flow. 

So yes, this is basically a hot glue gun for cheese.

I fucking love arts and crafts. I fucking love cheese. This glorious product brings both of my favorite passions into a beautiful and confusing embrace. The possibilities of the Fondoodler are endless.

I can, of course, just fondoodle myself, and by that I mean squirt the gun into my mouth like Christmas is in less than a month and all of my relatives will be asking me if that guy who was on my Instagram story is my boyfriend yet.

But, besides that, there are so many fun activities to be had! Like spraying hot cheese goo directly onto every vegetable ever.

Or writing my hopes and dreams onto a sandwich, then eating a sandwich as a sacred manifestation ritual. Or hell, building a fucking HOUSE out of cheese and crackers.


Build your dream home

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So, get your Instas ready, because after we get our hands on this, we’ll all be #eatingfortheinsta.

And since we’ve recently discovered that cheese will actually help you live longer, there’s literally no excuse to not Fondoodle yourself on the regs. 


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