Hooray! Someone Gave Lindsay Lohan A Job

The clothing company “Civil” has just made the riskiest business decision of the decade: partnering with Lindsay Lohan. Civil basically designed an entire line of clothes for emo, white, wanna-be-gangster teenage boys with disposable income, but they needed a celebrity to endorse the line. Apparently their choice was based on celebrity and a very low paycheck, enter LiLo. She looks fine in the photos, and as of right now Lindsay has not fucked up the deal (it's still early tho).

Also, the clothing line is called “My Addiction” – the subtlety is really nice. However, it's not cocaine or alcohol so Lindsay should be alright…for now. In case you want to ironically buy something from “My Addiction”, PacSun is distributing the clothes, which can we just take a minute to recognize that all PacSun does is celebrity fashion lines now?? Best of luck Civil and Lindsay, prayers for you both.




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